Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/8 Night Game Again at Clarendon Ballroom!

Aright, today i did some night game. I'll be honest...this wasn't easy as i was having some approach anxiety that i wasn't sure of how i would keep things going. I felt in my own head. It took me 15 minutes to start things going. I pretty much did dance floor game for the night.

#1 Was a blonde woman who i was gonna take her hand, but he flat out moved her hand away, it was funny. This was probably like the 4th approach in the night but i wanted to include this first for the hell of it. She's like "Don't be doing that" but not in a rude way, more in a polite way.haha.

#2 This was the last approach i think. Was a thick latino woman that i saw dancing earlier. She was talking to her friend, i put my arms over them...but they didn't say anything. I forget if i even said anything.

#3 Was a gorgeous older blonde woman. I knew i had to meet her. I see she's with another woman and a guy who's dancing around them. So then i decide to go for it anyhow. I immediately go up to her and tell her i find her stunning and that i'm going to talk to her. He is laughing and smiling and is like "What did he say?" Then after that, he hears it from one of the friends and says "Bye" and tries to block me away from the girl i wanted. But i didn't leave. I still talked to her. She was flattered but told me she was married. Seemed believable considering her age and how she said it.

#4 Was a thin cute brunette girl with wild hair. I didn't think anything would come of it. I wanted to go home at this point considering nothing was happening. I was like, "just do one more" so then i take her hand, and all of a sudden she smiles. I was so taken back, it was funny. We dance quite a bit and talk for a bout a minute but i can't hear her. I then at some go for the amazing sadness, but she couldn't hear me and said she'd be right back.

#5 Was another girl i opened from the dance floor. She was one of the two that was the most receptive. She was lots of fun. She was hot too. Felt nice grinding face to face. I didn't talk much for the most part, she did most of the talking. Met her friends, they were nice and down to earth. After afew minutes, i go for the kiss but she turns away. She says that she has a bf and doesn't want to cheat but she said in such a nice way that i don't consider it really much of a rejection. She then says that even dancing might be considered cheating, i'm laughing saying that its not its just dancing. I see that nothing would come of it, so i part ways. She was lots of fun. This turn my night around.

#6 Woman with a nice rack, short hair. Looked late 20s, black hair. I dance with her, but it died. Told her that we weren't done, we did it somemore but it died again.

NOTE: Here i could've talked to her, but tonight i didn't talk much

#7 Was a dude, a brunette, and another brunette. I liked the first brunette. I open the guy first saying watsup. He's pretty chill. I tell him that i like the dark brunette, and he tells me in a "Ragging on"/teasing demeanor, "Ah so u like her! Thats my girl dude! :-D." I laugh with him telling him that im gonna meet everyone. I then meet the other brunette and she had a face i was drawn to. Reminded me of a girl at radford whom was dancing at the bar/club whom i couldn't keep track of. So then im dancing with her. She's pretty receptive. I then go for the kiss, but she says she's got to be more drunk first.

NOTE: Here, don't think it was like "oh...i gotta get drunk to want to kiss you" It was more on the lines of "I want to kiss u, but i want to losen up to do so first". In easy terms, she wasn't ready yet.

So then im dancing with her a lil ready to try again in a few minutes, till this black guy finds her, he was just a friend. He was pretty chill. He's like in an apologetic way "Sorry Dude!" he felt that he ruined the approach. But i told him that its fine. In reality, i didn't mind as there were more girls there anyhow.

I did other approaches in the night, but some i don't remember.

This night it was good i was staying consistent out there. Getting the lay isn't important to me yet, its just kissing consistently, BUT even not attached to the outcome like i use to be so much. So that's good. But i'll return to the ballroom tho no doubt.

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