Sunday, August 17, 2008

8/15: What is going on with this tenseness?

Aright, it was two weeks since that i had gone to the mall. I had slacked off for two reasons. Firstly, i lost motivation since i believed most women there weren't single and that it would be pointless to go. Secondly, i was a bit afraid that i couldn't handle the fear and nervousness associated with walking around looking for girls.

I decided that i was gonna atleast return to the relaxation that i had. I don't remember the 4 approaches i did, but i do remember that it took me a lil bit to get relaxed. I was even afraid to step inside women's stores. I decided that i'm gonna get some of this tenseness handled. But it was a beast i tell ya

One of the four girls was asian, had a black dress, long hair, cute. Turns out she was taken.

The other one i remember was this hot long haired blonde girl. She was thin and tall. I saw her from the 2nd floor go into a jeans store. All i knew looking at her was that she was for me. I wanted her. I then go to the first floor and go into the store she we into. She was kneeling down looking into jeans. I then tell her that i found her very stunning and that i must talk to her. She was very receptive. I was shocked. She literally stood up and had a big smile on her face and was looking right at me. And when i saw her full front, DAMN! Definitely a 9 atleast. I was happy. From what i remember, i just got some rapport from her, told her to talk about herself. Just typical talk, then i told her that we should have some starbucks nearby. She says that she's gotta buy jeans first, then after that i told her that it'll be after...she tells me her bf works in the jeans store nearby.

NOTE: If she was telling the truth or lying its hard to say.

I believed her and parted ways. If this was the usual relaxed me, i think i would've persisted a lil bit more regardless of her saying she has a bf. Im not gonna analyze further since it was a few days ago.

The other two i still can't remember. I decided to leave early considering that i wasn't getting any more relaxed and i just wanted to go home.

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