Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drills For Day Game

Aright, there are only two more days im gonna go to the mall and one more night of going out.

I would say this month of doing mall game has gotten me almost as relaxed as i was back then during the summer at Radford. Only 6 days left, till i return. I am feeling excited, yet also still having some doubts. I kinda fear that all i've been doing will still not be enough to atleast have some lays in the fall. But the key is to have faith and confidence. There will be alot more girls to choose for than before, and their easier. So i'm gonna have to go full force.

Now the drills im gonna tomorrow out of these are not as much but are to have me officially be as relaxed as i was and a little bit more. PLUS, to then have conversation add with emotions. The drills:

1) Approach 10-20 Women. 10 if not that many targets, 20 if there plenty.

2) BF objection drill. If a woman says she has a bf, ignore it/say "Cool"/"aright"/"Awesome". Keep talking.

3) She walks away drill. If a woman walks away, tell her she's too classy to walk away when someone is talking to her.

OPTIONAL: Rude Response Drill. If a woman acts rudely, like she ignores u or acts in a geuninely bitchy way, "Why are u acting like this? Why can't u just be yourself? Where i'm from...people are real, if ur not gonna be real...i'm gonna walk away"

4) Resistence Drill. Don't give up at the first sign of resistence. Women will sometimes refuse to do what you want them to do. Dont' be fazed by it and don't walk away. Stay in there. Talk a little more. Get to know her and spend a little moretime with her then try again. Next time you feel like walking away, stop for a second, stay an extra minute or two, then give it a shot.

5) Woman in a rush drill. If a woman is in a hurry drill. When she say "Uhmmm, I'm in a hurry, I need to do my shopping" say "That's cool. After we get _______ for five minutes, you can go on with your shopping...and besides, it might only take three minutes..."

6) Go First Drill. For the 1st approach that sticks, instead of asking where she's from...tell her about where ur from. Instead of sayin "How are you?" U say ", you have no idea why"

7) At a blank drill. If i sometimes have no idea what else to talk about, cold read. Assume what kind of woman she is. This is only if i have trouble thinking of what else to say.

8) Emotional Connection Drill-For each approach where the woman is there, do the build familiarty step. If things can develop further, Build substance.

1) Build Familiarity:
Goals and aspirations, Traveling, Passions, Favorite films and music, Ideal vacation
Concerts and theatres, Relationships, Family, Love, Animals, Youth, Fitness, Love, Animals, Art

2) Building Substance:
Solidifies connection between you. Its only something close friends do.
Most things women till u are gold, once u barreled through her persona.

-Active Listening: Rephrase and Feedack.Ask Questions. Summarize what she tells u. Shut up and listen to her
-Finding Her Core Value: Find out the underlying motivator that drives her to do the things she loves to do, once u find them out...relate to them, then reward her for opening up. This encourages her
-Social Learning theory and The Power of Conditioning
-Emotional Connectoin Accelerator: Leading with your passions

9) Sexual Vibe Drill. Do this drill once ur able to do the others.

I'll do most of these drills tomorrow. I'll remember each of these. 8 i'll only try to really do build familiarity first. 9 doesn't have to come for a while.

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