Thursday, August 28, 2008

8/27 Penultimate Mall Sarge

Aright this will be short, since this was to get me in the swing of things YET again. I get rusty easy unless i go out day game or night game atleast 2-3 times a week.

Today at the mall, i opened about 8 girls. These are the ones i vaguely remember. I was unprepared and in my own head, and chose last minute to go. I decided to give it a shot.

#1 Was a cute latina. She wore glasses. She was receptive, but she was just visiting her cousins. She was pretty friendly, even telling me how she's inspired by god. I told her that its good that she felt the experience. I told her my experience about faith. So in a sense, i opened up myself. I met her 1st and 2nd cousins. They were friendly, thought her cousin was her mom. Was hilarious. Got her hotmail.

#2 Middle Eastern Girl. Hot as hell. I stopped her, she was 1/2 way about to walk away. But she was hearing me out. This was funny, she said she had to go BUT she didn't leave. She said sorry twice. But from what i could sense, i think there was some interest, if i just was more relaxed today.

#3 A GORGEOUS latina woman with highlights. My god this woman was beautiful. She goes in the store, i stop her. She's smiling but is still somewhat walking. I ask her what she's shopping for and bladdy blah, she says jeans or whatever. I def could've persisted more here, just let her go too fast.

#4 Italian Girl with glasses. Nice Rack. Stopped her. She was shy, but receptive. But she was engaged and was about to meet up with her dad who was looking at sneakers. Was shocked she was italian(Thought she was 1/2 latino), she thought i had some asian in me.haha. She showed me the rock on her finger. She was hot.

#5 Outside of a Mostly woman's store, stopped a woman leaving but she was on a rush

#6 Was a cute asian girl who was on a rush to get back to work. But she was pretty nice. Me, just tryin to get a bit relaxed before school told her that its fine, but she didn't leave after like 3-4 seconds :-)

#7 Was a cute late 20s woman. She was a little on "What do i do?" reaction side. But then i learned a good lesson. I opened up to her about myself to where i can tell she felt a little bit more relaxed and more open. Even gave me advice on jobs lol. Sure it wasn't the most exciting conversation but i don't think it was that bad.

I forgot the last approach.

But today all in all was a good prep for tomorrow, to where i'll be stepping it up. Im gonna go attempt the drills. I'm gonna do 20 approaches. 10 lone and possibly 10 with 2 sets or more. We'll see how it goes :-). One thing i def can improve on is to be a bit more calm when im a lil in my head.

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