Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/14 PART III: Final Analysis on Campus Game at Radford University

Aright everyone, looks like day game at Radford University is indeed will be over, since im graduating college in a week. There were many good times i had. I remember back when i was in freshman year of college, wanting to approach...but didnt' had the balls. All it took was what Anthony Robbins calls, "The Breaking Point" where i couldn't take it anymore and wanted to do something about it.

Since Summer of 2006, i've been at it...pursuing my dream of becoming a Playboy. I remember the first time i ever flat out approached in the day time. I was so scared, it was hilarious. I asked a girl to help me out with getting a box of chocolates for my sister(Indirect opener) She responded neutral, i was so nervous. Was funny. But i was so proud i did it. That day i felt like i sucked...BUT it was eyeopening. I was more motivated to get this shit handled.

Then that fall, I found myself again and decided to start anew again...working from Social Anxiety up. Sure i still had a good deal of limiting beliefs and managed to get a few day2s, i ultimately was less afraid to approach girls.

The Next Year, I started to approach directly and was shocked that girls responded real well to it but then as i joined a frat, i got lazy.

Then this year of 2008, been consistent with day game on campus for 8 months. Lets just say...its been one hell of a journey. I've met atleast 200 girls by now...and was able to meet up with 17 of them in the form of an insta-date or day 2. That isn't that bad so far i'd say lol.

Being able to go up to a woman u really fancy was what i wanted in life, and i finally am able to do it. My forever goal of laying girls from day game is still my bread and butter dream in this whole thing and I believe it will happen. Just will take more time and experience.

Today in the cafeteria, i decided to do one more approach with this hot big tit and ass brunette girl who was wearing sweatpants...was sitting with a friend. She responded well and was pretty receptive. Meeting was pointless since finals are this week. I only needed that for a farewell...nothing more. I've left my mark here at Radford University. I am proud i decided to game the way i wanted to, rather than feel i could only do it via social circle. Knowing that i no longer am afraid and can go for what i want has given me enlightment, peace and acceptance.

BUT, College Day Game is just starting. I have three other colleges to go for that. Mary Washington, George Mason and University of Maryland. The new chapter of this journey will begin in January. I still got malls in the real world to do as well, i just won't have as much time but i'll practice there as well.

But i have to say that me being able to meet up with girls in a more socially pressured environment whom i randomly went up to is a testament that im on the right track. Sure maybe many of the hotties have flaked on me, BUT i'm def gonna lay quite a few hotties in the future...u can count on that! I'm gonna keep doing what i'm doing. I won't stop till I succeed with this. You can count on that!

Radford might be over with, but not gaming. That will never stop, even when i am settled down someday. This blog will still probably be around by then.

I wonder what awaits in 2009 for Strictly Mall Game, and the Other Uni's? :-)

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