Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25 Meeting my first ever wing after 2 1/2 years and GMU gaming

Hey everyone, today i visited one of the first two wings i ever had, Alex.
Couldn't recognize him but it seemed like things seem so familiar talking to the guy again. We got along as great as usual. We ate and discussed about game. He was still under the indirect style BUT he's getting day 2s and every thing. I told him about direct, he tried it, didn't do half bad and was liking it. He said that it was eye opening. I was glad :-). He saw me do a few and he noticed how some of the girls reacted as a result, how they really showed interested...even some things i didn't quite see :-). We tried to wing one group but it did ok...lol....

But me and him will absolutely wing in the future.lol.

Oh yea, met this Russian girl outside. She was cute, def attracted to her. Was pretty. We walked around, and i sat with her for 10 minutes....wanted to get her ice cream but she just ate and didn't want any haha....so we just sat down. It was funny she kept stating reasons for her to leave, but she never did. She followed my lead. Was great. But she didn't really have any time for us to meet up...she was always watching kids and every thing. Was thinking of going to GMU to attend, etc. was interesting talking to her. We connected in some levels. It was still good meeting her. I believe i made her day

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