Monday, November 17, 2008

More Q and A With DonSuave

ME:Hey DonSuave, how do you get through logistics for a college party to end in sex? It just seems like its hell(taking a girl from a club from my assumption doesn't seem as hard), even if she likes u, to get her back to ur place considering the amount of distractions and the fact that their friend is always dead set on bringing them back home with them, even if u befriend the friend.

Like i'll talk with the girl, dance with the girl, kiss with the girl...but then after that...they'll be distracted with something else or something else will happen. Going past this is my biggest sticking point. I know some logistics can't be helped, but is really this difficult? I know its not suppose to be the outcome we always think we're going to get but u know what i mean...

My opinion is as u said for clubs, to bounce...sometimes its hard to bounce somewhere else?


Depends where the party's at.
If it's a house party then bring her to the bathroom.
I've had friends banging chicks in bathrooms and I did it also.
If you just want to fuck you should stop giving yourself headaches with the game. You complicate your life for nothing.

I've said it before.
Just hit the gym get a nice style and be agressive/ suave. REAL SUAVE. If you don't know now you will, by trial and error.

Approach 10 000 chicks every night and eventually you'll find 1 that wants you, that has the guts to defy her friends and go against the group and could care less about logistics.

When a girl REALLY wants you to fuck her she DOESN'T CARE ABOUT LOGISTICS. I've had girls giving me blowjobs right on the street!

So your problem is really target selection and uncertainity.

Target selection:
You don't know which girl is down because you don't have enough experience. When you do, you will be able to tell which 1 is ready for a 1 night and which 1 is not. So the game will be much easier for you. So until you get it APPROACH...APPROACH...APPROACH until you find out

You think about details. Logistics blabla...That's really details. Important details but not so important at this stage. You should focus on working your attraction to the point where you become truly efficient and irresistible. Then you must never let her the time to think. Like after kiss you must isolate immediatly, rapport or physically escalate etc.

If you leave her time to think she will think about it twice you won't get her.
Cuz player's strengh comes from speed.

You should also not bother too much on this forum if you want to become a player.

Also I've never been there but I think this forum might be more what you are looking for

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