Sunday, November 16, 2008

More From Van Damme PART II

yea you'll notice when its "Go Time" when the couples are getting "lovey dovey", people are making out around you without caring about social pressure from others, etc. I think they call it "creepy times" or something on bootcamps, read it in the reviews.

1. I think I wouldn't make out that early in 10-15 min, but everyone is different. I think the only reason to makeout would be to be on the safe side and make sure the girl knows what is going to happen if she leaves with me, god forbid she thinks you're just friends leaving together, makeout erases that. instead of getting a makeout, work on keeping constant kino, claw on and off if its really makeoutworthy.

2. I thought the same thing man, like I'd leave and I'd think it was done. It can't be more backwards. The girl will think that you blew HER off because you wanted a way out of the conversation. Thats why you shouldnt make much creepy eye contact when you leave her to talk to others (you can leave her for your friends u dont gotta go straight to others girls).

Tyler talks about how no matter how much a girl likes you, she will refuse to reiniate contact (they are very uptight about this shit, like ur the "guy" she doenst wanna have to do nething), andit seems like she doesn't want to talk again. (social conditioning) The solution is to go back with and get back RIGHT where you left off. Don't make it like you're coming up to her and standing there, waiting for her validation to start laughing and having fun like she was last time. Just have the energy, "Heyyy u guys hows it goin so far" and just watch, they will snap RIGHT BACK into the nice giggly/whatever they were when you first talk to them. Try it you'll see, they truly beleive that you left either because you "ran away" or you don't like them anymore and were being nice and left. Leave absolutley NO room for the "awkwardness eye contact" and stuff that is drawing you the conclusion they want nothing to do with you. They're thinking "well wtf hes the one that left, wtf I am supposed to do when he looks over here again, wave at him???: (breaks eye contact, seems cold w/e)

All in all, don't make it seem like you ejected because you burned out, thats why I personally try to avoid eye contact until I re-initiate because I feel looking at each seriosuly and looking away without saying anything or waving/smiling will make it seem like your whole first ineraction was "fake" and you are moving on to other people. So make it appear genuine that you truly are having fun and like talking to lots of people. O yea, DO NOT value scan when you eject to talk to buddies, that makes it like game over because then she realizes you didn't leave because you wanted to talk to your buddies, but because you pussied out and want to find your "next target".

3. Yea man with more time, I realize its like the main thing and im workin on this shit every weekend too, gettin used to the rhythm of the night. If I fuck up and the girls leave alone, w/e but if they leave with another guy I am SUPER pissed cus what did he do better you know? so I always make sure to know the reason why it went with him /not me and analyze why things went right/wrong.

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