Sunday, November 16, 2008

More from Van Damme PART I

(beforehand, this is my experience in my first quarter of college, I dunno how other parties are with you, here a lot of them are free walkins with a lot of people)

Dude, 30 minutes of talking? thats a LOT, you got the kiss too? the "game" aspect should be in the bag man, I found that the less you talk the better. Look at all the chodes around you leaving with hot girls, all of this is like 90% logistics, if they see that you're a normal guy who they know is confident enough to approach anyone at that party, the game aspect is done with.

Like girls want it to feel "right" and "natural" with the guy, which in other words means the logistics go smoothly (they're not screening like crazy, girls hook up with LOTS of guys, the easier it is for her to go somewhere else with you, o well she chose you for the night and you're good)

So I was kinda buzzed last night, I'll be a little clearer on the 10-2 thing

1. The optimum time (I'll call it Go Time) is around 30 minutes before everyone leaves. Everyone has a little alcohol, and it is possible to just show up at the party at this time, find the girls that aren't talking to any guys and are value scanning/wondering why the fuck theres no chodes talking to them this late at night, and try to leave with them. This is the time that you go for leaving with them, and do all that shit. EVERYTHING goes down to this time window at the end of the night, where logistics have to go right and every girl is happy with her guy, cus if one girl isnt happy, well they might be kinda drunk and one tug of the arm and they are going home alone.

2. Now all the time before this (from the beginning of the party to now) where everyone is getting settled in, I'll call (Pre Time).
(im making these words up btw watch the video on rhythm 10-2, it is so important and applicable)
The point here is to make yourself as much socially proofed, talking to a lot of people, looking as social as possible. Since girls notice this stuff at this time, later on during Go Time girls are too drunk or are so in the moment they do not notice the high value guys this late).
So just talking like a stupid normal conversation without even appearing to be hitting on them (its ok you can leave the escalating for Go Time, this time is just to look social and expose yourself to the girls)
All in all, it is to make yourself stand out in the girl's minds for when its Go Time at the end of the party.

Because a girl at the end of the night will rather leave with a guy that she was talking to sober early in the evening and made the mental switch thats hes a good guy shed fuck, then try to make a decision on fuckin a guy when she has drank and its the end of the night.

The interaction DOESNT go from start to finish nonstop, unless you do it dueing Go Time and are trying to get a really quick pull which is unreliable and is last resort.

You talk for a bit, say you'll talk to them later you gotta go to your friends, keep an eye out for other guys, to go in and cut them out w/e, then when its Go Time, those girls will be looking for the guy to leave with, and they will want you rather than the guy she hasnt seen before trying to pick her up in 5 minutes.

Like, the "pretime" conversation should be so casual, that you can easily drop in and out, like you go talk to your friends....and then 15 minutes later all you ahve to do is go "hey whatsup!" and they're like "oh hey" and you talk like you're old friends. I go in and reinitiate the chat when theres a guy getting all creepy for example.

man, talking to a girl for 30 minutes straight??? Getting a MAKEOUT???(or kiss w/e) Hell no man thats hard work, if you find the convo going stale get out of there and reiniate later (I guess the term is, do not overescalate so fast in the beginning of the night, keep it chill till it's go time, pretime you're just socialising and having fun with all your friends)

Then go time is when you make sure every girl has a buddy of yours, this is the window where you make the logistics go smoothly, blow out any faggots taht try to ruin your set with the girls, and all that stuff to leave. They have to leave sooner or later, just make sure its YOU thats the one leaving with them.

This will all depend on how they saw you in Pretime, because girls dont judge value that well when they are drunk so they will be going into their heads to remeber who were the cool guys that they had a great conversation with in the very beginning of the night. Oh and girls KNOW that guys have fake confidence from alcohol and are all trying to pull during Go Time, so thats why they are more apt towards the guys they have spoken to very early in the night

I wrote a lot, but so to RECAP

A.Go time is when you go and make things happen however you can (WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY/LOGISTICS $$$). You can get a quick pull here even if u just got there, for me this is from 11:45-12:15
B. Pre-time not "required", but is when you "prime" the girls and leave yourself on their minds, to make it as easy as possible to pull.
(you show what a cool guy you are, bouncin in and out of sets, etc.) for me this is like 9:30 to 11:30, thats plenty of time to talk to as many people asyou want

The girls would rather stay on the safe side and go leave with the guys they judged to be sexworthy when sober, and trust them to pull them at the end of the night.

Oh and no, you woul'nt have a "party" at your place, have some drinks there (even though they won't be used most likey, pop in a movie, have each guy isolate to different rooms "i gotta show you somthing" or "i wanna talk to you") and take them there. Be like "yea me and my buddies are gonna chill and drink at my place " that kind of vibe ,(u can call it an after party who cares)

This is what I've seen so far make sure u watch that flawless natural video its money for college parties, this is basically what ive made of the parties at my school so far, tried to explain it the best i could, I gotta write this shit out neway to internalize it well myself and keep going over it.

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