Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Q & A From DonSuave

I make my approach. She's not receptive, at least not verbally. I see lots of guy turning around her. Most guys would have been thrown off at the 1rst " iod" she gave me but I stay in there. I stay in there because I know I will get the chicks. I know even if she have 20 guys surrounding her they can't game her and fuck her like I can. So she talks to 2 or 3 guys. She tells me stuff ' he''s just a friend ' without me asking for explanaitions.

I give her game in between. I'm patient for now lol At one point I grab her by the arm and tell her ' I don't like you talking to too many guys."

I pull her gently give her intense eye contact and give her some game. She's a waitress at another rich nightclub.

She keeps talking to me like I am some client. I am firm and make her understand that I don't give a fuck about where she works but give a fuck about her. She gave me her # right at that moment.

Now my frame is I can get her if I want to, I don't care what's on her mind, I care about what's in mine and I affect her with my thoughts. I scan her the instant I see her and I calibrate my approach. Depending on how she reacts I will be sweet or rough or whatever. It all depends.

It's okay if some guys have 1 way of gaming I just don't believe it's the most effective way. For me the most effective is being natural, adaptable and sudden with your moves, flow. Nothing prepared just you being quick and smart.

This way I can game many women, I have no limits

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