Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some More Advice Part I: Ozzie's Rules

Ozzie mentions a set where he plowed for 6 hours before she hooked and had sex. Don’t take bitchyness seriously.
1)Always be moving forward. Do not try and get it perfect, just keep moving.
2)Do not seek reaction. You are stepping up to celebrate yourself and your passions regardless of what they think about it.
3)Do not give a fuck what people think of you.
4)Strive to reach 100% Expression and draw others into your world.
5)Be willing to Look retarded.
6)Be physical with EVERYONE.
7)Be like water in the club. Ever flowing , fluid, and able to negotiate around obstacles.
8)Practice with no goal in mind. Refrain from labelling any set or night as good or bad.
9)Stay out of comfort zone.
10)Prepare to negotiate with your resistance, never ever stop.
11)Deal with your dabbling ways , do not fight them.
12)Don’t get in your head. Once this happens you’re fucked. Keep moving forward!
13)They're drinking to make it ok, to pick them up. At a party.(in their minds)
14) You create your own reality by creating your own rules
15) Offer her something more fun/worth her time
16) Advantage: The Player Vibe/Reputation is generally a good thing if u can manage the consequences. The rep it has the distinct advantage.
17) Girls when they first get in college to act on the desire to get with you

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