Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some More Advice Part II: Tim

1) Its me and u tonight. Its me and u tonight.
2) I choose you. I choose you. I choose you.
3) If there’s a silence, chill back. Be cool. Don’t feel the need to always fill it. If you see them chilling back, chill back to, BUT then go back in.
4) Be cool to relax. Hang out with her friends. Make sure ur confident enough that its u and her.
5) If you feel like not approaching, just relax. Pause. Take 2 minutes to check out the girls in the club. Just check them out. Let that built up, should be lovestruck in this 2 minutes.
6) For some group approaches, address everyone. Then tell the girl u like that u choose her. I’ll try it to see J
7) If your skeptical about believing that what u say won’t generate interest or whatever, if u think that ur conversation sucsk….the other person will think it sucks. From a position of self amusement. If you want the person to find it interesting and fun, then they will. If I think its interesting, then it is. Go first. If you want her to be sexual, u got to be sexual first.
8) Make the first part about u. The fun about u. See everyone in the club, not as obstacles but as cheerleaders of success of course.
9) “Oh…there’s a dude there.” Ur sub communication will show.

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