Sunday, November 23, 2008


Aright people, on Wednesday I started to do more 2 set approaches, but I still rusty with that. The big tit girl at the lab from yesterday texted me saying how she would be busy and stuff, which i told her i was glad that she let me know ahead of time. I still think she's def flattered of the idea of meeting up. Called the numbers i had gotten earlier in the week but none of them returned my texts.

Thursday, I stood up all day and got lots of rest. Thursday Night, Went to Rileys again(Haven't gone in a month and was rusty) was an aright night. I had fun, but the rest of the approaches were ok. The problem was that there quite a few girls whom i didn't recognize but that i had gamed already. I've met so many people so its This hot girl i know while i kept dancing and gaming different girls tried to get my attention in obvious ways(covered her hand on my face/tap me on the arm)..(I kinda didn't pay attention, because she was the attention whore/hang around with guys...kind of girl)...but that was it for the night. I think cuz i had alcohol in me, that i didn't give a rats ass about talking much, i just wanted to dance and that was it.

Friday, nothing much happened except i gamed this small hot blonde girl. She was flattered but was taken.

Thats all thus far.

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