Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17 The Rustiness is Dying and Insta-Date

Aright today I woke up not feeling 100%. After i leave a lab, go up to this hot redhead, get her number but i doubt she was genuinely interested. These days i can sense if a girl is interested or is just being polite. She was the latter. I stop another girl who's blonde, she thinks she did something wrong, but then realizes the situation. She then decides to walk with me as im off to walker, but then i decide we eat together first and she accepts. We go and talk for about 15 minutes and get to know each other. I find out she's not looking into dating anyone right now(Perfect, considering i don't want anything serious)...but i hope that she knew i was into her, but she must've considering she said, "Im not use to situations like these" She was cute, had nice sized tits, looked similar to a girl that i remember afew years ago. Was pretty great talking to her. Got her number. We'll see how it goes.

Missed an opportunity with this chick who i def wanted to fuck on first site, she was had a really nice body. But since i was wearing a crappy overlarged shirt and i was eating by myself that i'd be perceived as lower value. But u know what? Fuck all that! That does not matter. I sit by myself and eat because i don't give a shit of trying to contact people to meet up, i just care about going to cafeteria to eat and thats So why in the hell should i not go for it? I rest my case. Tomorrow I will step it up. I have to these days.

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