Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11 The Platonic Day 3 :-(

Aright, i watched a movie with one of the girls i sat and ate with her roommate. But unfortunately...her roommate and cousin were there...plus i was afraid if she rejected me by me laying down next to her...that i'd feel shame in front of her roomates(Pretty much the i feel inferior feeling that i usually get when i feel bad). She was studying for her test, not really paying attention to the movie. I just lost motivation to even game her at that point, plus in a text she said she didn't like getting hit on(Which i find BS as most girls will say that)...so i dunno wat im gonna do with this. Maybe i'll just be right to the point with her, i got nothing to lose and i don't care if i get her or not. Maybe then she'll get the picture by that time.

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