Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some Advice Part V: More From Tim and Ozzie's fail quote

1) Their loss: there is only one of you and millions of good-looking women, the odds are in your favor.

2) When u are stating ur intentions, u have a good feeling in ur body. Feel it.

3) Good Night and Bad Nights is all about how u perceive it.

4) Look at the adventure u had.

5) The Woo State is how u always get in state. The feeling inside ur body dictates everything. The state ur in dictates how u feel.

a) How can i make this fun?

6) For the most part, if a girl is talking to you when she has a million other things she could be doing, it means it is ON.

7) Core Mascual Sexual Intent-Enjoy hottie in front of you. When you see that hottie and you just want her. Thats ur core "I want her!". Enjoy her and u move forward to ur purpose. You really enjoy it in a manly fun way. When you run out of things to say, "2 minute reset check out". If your talking to a girl and u start going, going and going and run out of things to say. Start checking her out, blantaly looking at her. Don't do it creeply. This reconnects u of why ur talking to her. This is to enjoy her as a woman.

8) Less attachment to outcome-Net theory. If a girl says fuck you/I don't want to talk to you. Keep going. Don't mind it. The best people they have a quality of obliviousness. Just be "ha ha" and continue what ur doing. Detach urself from outcome.

9) How to not get stuck in ur head-When u act, ur not spectating, ur being a "player"-a doer. If ur nervous and tense, just talk to anyone. Go social. Approach 1st girl u got eyes on sometimes. Suppose a guy goes in loud, be quick to be at the same state saying "hey man!"

10) U go in, u'll eject because of not a positive enough reaction. How do you push urself to keep the burning desire-Relates to core manly sexual intent. What is that burning desire? U see a gorgeous and deep down inside ur like "Fuck yea, i want that for me" Why push urself? Because there's a hottie thats right there and u want that. Thats the burning desire.

11) dealing w/ Amogs-Look in eyes and shake their hand and introduce urself. U had that "pre-meeting before hand" U have to do it that very instant when u see him. The very first second. Once u do this, u can ignore him, chat to him and then go back to the girls.

12) Fail big, fail large, fail deep, fail now, fail all on camera. Go fail. Fail. I am serious.
It is the little failures that bother us deep inside.
Fail large, fail all night. Do the big ass sets that you know you can not handle, get a jealous boyfriend chasing you around the club because you tried to fuck his girlfriend, get thrown out of the club for using the claw too much.
Open and fail big.
Get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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