Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/9-11/10 Rustiness

Day Game

Been rusty these few days approaching. I just aint in tune with it these days, but now and then when i see a super easy opportunity, i can do it...but when its crowds of people walking around or approaching at a more difficult situation(Crowded lab) then i gotta return to that.

Night Game
Aright, for night game...haven't done it much except on Monday Night i went to a party, really only gamed a few girls. Wasn't much going on there. Saw one of the girls i day game approached at starbucks(Cute blonde)....isolated her to the couch...but considering i was still feeling rusty, that feeling of assurance wasn't really there. I didn't touch her that much, and when i tried to go dance with her, she wanted to talk with her friends and she left after a few minutes with them. So its all graavy.

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