Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/22 Return to Mary Washington and day 3 with Brunette Girl

Went down to go UMW for a day and stay over night. During the day, i eat with my best friend Arnaud, who also in the game....he just got to learn other ways of gaming, than dancing at night. Saw this cute curly haired girl who's by herself. Man oh man, is she even cuter up close. The approach went great...she had a great sense of humor, we flirted quite a bit. She asked me when im coming down. I told her once a month, she flirted with "I couldn't handle that. Why are u killing me like this?
:-p" Was She asked me how often i go up to girls and i told her that i lost count but that each girl has to be cute. I could tell there was interest. She couldn't believe that i was once shy too. Was funny. Got her number. Will hit her up over christmas break. Me and Arnaud then go to a dance show, i go up to this thick blonde, but her face was meh. She was sitting with other people and stuff. Afew of the dancers tho were gorgeous...that i couldn't believe myself. I wanted to go up to them when the performance was over. But one of them i hesitated and it was ok.

While my friend went to a Rugby Formal Date party, me and the girl i mentioned whom i took to a party a month ago, we watched a movie together in her room but her roommate was there(She was nice but didn't talk much). We talked quite a bit, good convo. It was funny whenever i was next to her(close)...kinoing her...her body was shaking a little bit and she noticed it. Tried to kiss her twice, but she declined. She mentioned she had a bf to me the first time i met her, but i ignored it u could say. After the 2nd time she rejected me trying to kiss her, she mentions him again. She def was telling the truth, because there was a picture frame of her and him. After that, i realized that she was faithful to him. My friend wanted me to party with him instead as i'd have better chances getting a lay, but i wanted to lie loose ends. I wanted to see how far i could get.

After the movie, me and her part ways...and I go pick up my friend, who is drunk as hell..and almost blacked out. I fussed at him cuz he wouldn't shut up and he was being annoying but it was the i couldn't be too mad haha.

But thats all for now :-)

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