Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18 Just Another Day

Aright everyone, today i approached like usual. Took about 30 seconds to approach this girl at starbucks since there were other girls next to her, plus when she looked at me for a sec...i knew i had to go over there. Had a good convo, its 50-50 if anything would even happen, eventho she seemed to have some interest. At work, saw this cute redhead/strawberry blonde think girl. I work at the help desk, helping students with their computers...and once she left the room where my other co-workers were sitting down at(some dudes, a few girls...are college students too)...i then gamed her and got her number, we'll see :-). At the cafeteria, decided to sit next to two girls again for the hell of it, as i know in the last few weeks...im gonna prolly do it a bit more. Also talk to this big tit thick brunette whom is at the lab each week im there...decided to talk to her...she was receptive...setting things up. We'll see :-). Gonna call the numbers i got tomorrow night, and tomorrow...gonna sit with one of the girls in my class. Hopefully...no one will be sitting already there when i arrive 5 min before class starts :-)

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