Friday, November 14, 2008


Aright people, on Wednesday started to approach again today to stay consistent, didnt' seem half bad. Actually managed to go up to one of the girls whom i was very attracted to, whom i saw on facebook. I ejected quickly, eventho she responded well to it.haha. Don't worry...when i get back in the swing of things, it'll all be good.haha. Things are coming back to me atleast.

Thursday, i approached a big tit short haired brunnete. She was pretty receptive, just talked to her for a minute. Still getting back in the swing of things.

Aright, for Thursday Night...i went to Mi Puerto, which is a restaurant...turned dance floor, bar and hookah lounge. When i went in there, mostly black students...which i was shocked. Wasn't bad. I went up to a few numbers of girls, ones i have seen, ones i haven't seen, one i tried to dance who flaked on me, etc. Was funny, i just tried to dance with girls for the most part. Saw a cute white dark brunette girl, whom had nice cleavage. She was pretty cute. She told me she was french. I isolated her from a group i knew. We danced prior and stuff. After 2 minutes, i notice she has her hands clasped to mine. I hold them, turn her around, then go for the kiss. She moves her face...telling me that she aint that kind of girl. I tell her that all girls say that, and continue talking to her. After a few minutes of dancing and some rapport, i then hint in about kissing her again.

Oh yea, at one point she was telling me how i should fine another girl to have fun with, but then i told her that it wasn't her choice to make of the girls "I" wanted to have fun with. She laughed quite a bit. I then tell her, "I wonder if European Girls kiss differently" She says she doesn't think so and that i can find out sometime...we then make out for a minute or so. She then asks me what she thinks, i tell her that it was different, that we started with the lips passionately...then the tongue. Was funny. Afew black girls said "Ewww" who were dancing around us. Was pretty funny. After that she kinda tried to go off somewhere nothing developed further.

Overall in teh night, i got almost drunk...but before then...just buzzed. Was a fun night. :-)

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