Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some Advice Part IV: Alex's Invisible Game

Hey man…
Most simply its game without bearing on ‘IOI’s’.
Once you transcend this routiney twirly-whirly-ronald-mcdonaldism the entire game is played on the emotional communication channels and becomes invisible to the untrained/unexperienced eye.
Where as classic buttom pushing ronald-mcdonald-ism is lower value button pushing, get the girl to react to you by entertaining/’negging’ her in order to get a visible reaction.

Invisible game is interesting, becuase if I do a demo it looks the same as what a student would, but its gets an entirely different result becuase it coming from a different place and frame internally. Alot of different things are communicated.
Invisible game is when you know the girl is attracted to you even though she isnt showing it.

If you do the right things and have the right frame of reference she CAN’T NOT become attracted.

Similar to the way that any (biologically normal) guy couldn’t not be attracted to a supermodel in a bikini climbing out of a pool.

Understand that when some girls get attracted to you they will become terribly stifled because they dont want to ‘fuck up’ around you. Same way as guys get shy around girls they have a crush on.

Or, they just dont want to give away thier power too early so they don’t come accross as slutty. They become expressionless. Plenty of emotions are going on, but the girl keeps them in check so as to retain a ‘testing the guy’ frame.
The game is there, it just isnt overtly visible.

A Hollywood example is the courtship scene between Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz in the movie Vanilla Sky.

When Cruise finally kisses Cruz, and during the flirting and lead up to the kiss Cruz shows no emotions. But the audience and Cruise knows that she is into him.
[Note, its always on, if the girl is talkng to you she is into you.]

After Cruise kisses Cruz, and he leaves and she is alone she then proceeds to go crazy running around the room. Making her formerly invisible game (emotions) visible.
Makes sense.

Realise that when you are a chill guy, who takes pride in the way he expresses himself, who has self worth…

You become the equivilant to what we would considier to be model hot girl.
Thing is though, guys like us are alot more rare.

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