Friday, November 7, 2008

10/23 - 11/8 Last Two Weeks and the Last 6 weeks at Uni

Aright everyone afew days after my previous post...i hung out with the tatoo girl. Smoked some ganja with her, but then she didn't want to kiss me. But i did lead her to sit on her bed(was afraid to do that before), but then i tried to kiss her one more time and she was like "Nah...u got to quit doing that" When she said that, it hit but i wasn't mad at her. It was like "This sucks" I felt a lil down afterward, sicne i felt like i failed...but i didn't fail. Getting that far after all i've done is progress...good progress :-)

After that, i haven't really hung out with any girls the next week. I've just been bombarded with school work, which yet again has caused me to be rusty. I did a few approaches but they were easy ones. Haven't really called the numbers i gotten either. Oh yea, i went out halloween night as Waldo yet again...had fun...nothing much happened...except got drunk...did my normal thing for night game...not too shabby. thas all for now

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