Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/14-11/15 and Sky's Thoughts

The Weekend

Aright, on Friday i went up to this tall pretty hot blonde that i've wanted to go up to for a while at the cafeteria. She seemed like she was on a rush to get back to her friends, but as i walked through the cafeteria she looked at me. I will continue gaming her coming up next time i see her.

Friday Night i met up with my good friend Arnaud who came by staying with his roommate. We couldn't find good parties, but we went to a few "ok" ones. The first one was ok, was a apartment party of frat guys, and some of the groupies. I asked some of the brothers who was off-limits to talk to girls wise, and they were like "U can talk to anyone dude :-D" I told them my story of the past times i got kicked out of parties and they're like "Have fun dude! None of that stupid shit will go on here" I was very happy they supported me hitting on girls. I met a few new ones and stuff but we decided to leave.

Saturday Night went to a chill frat house with a chill vibe. There were some girls and stuff, saw one whom def stuck my eye QUITE a bit. She was nice and friendly. Got me horny, but we decided to leave. Found another frat party but it was in a basement and lots of dancing. Was fun, met LOTS of girls...made out with two of them while dancing....but thats it mainly.

Sky's Thoughts

Recently, it hit just hit me that my tenure here at Radford University ends in 4 weeks from now. That's all i got. My last goal is to atleast get laid one more time before i leave, in 4 years. I have to stop being afraid of trying to have that be a goal(When at the end of the night at parties...i got upset, cried and was angry that i wasn't good enough). I was just afraid that my frustrations would come back and affect me...but i underestimate myself. I'm more emotionally strong than i use to be. I got only a month left to do my best so i mine as well stop being afraid to ask some girls i know out and to start meeting more girls from class that i fancy. I'm glad my rustiness is over.

What i noticed these days is how girls do act differently around me. Its funny how when some reject me at first, when they see me with other girls...they all talk to their female friends and stuff about me hitting on them and lots of other girls(Jealousy streak). Pretty funny. They try to act like hot shit as if they got all the power in the world, but they can't take away my power. There is a million of other girls like them, but only a small amount of guys like me. Im really glad i have to ability to flirt with girls. Its a power that im happy to have acquired. Laying one of them is definitely my final goal before leaving and of course graduating smoothly.

I'm so damn glad i decided to do something about acquiring game. Seeing all these hot girls gets me pretty excited. Im glad im able to do something about it. Right now, i don't know what will happen. I'm glad i made my own choice of sticking with the cold approach method. Sure, Social Circle Game is what gets u laid easier and faster in college....but i don't care about that. Sure, if i truly embraced social circle game too, i prolly could get laid more...but deep down i don't care for it. I don't want to have to go through even more effort for something i don't give many shits for. Plus when im in a social circle situation, i tend to hold on to the belief i overestimate the outcome(Im part of this circle, it shoudl be hella easy), cutting my ability in 1/2 compared to if i don't have that in the back of my mind. I still believe that i can do it based on my game solely, and it seems that im getting further and further in my ability without it. What's next?!

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