Sunday, November 16, 2008

Q & A About Logistics

Logistics to getting a girl to sex from a college party

Hey guys, it seems at parties, i do fine initially, talk to the girl, dance with her, then kiss....but then anything after just falls flat...that it seems so hard to just leave with her at the end of the night, it seems the area of logistics kick my ass. It seems like their so many obstacles to prevent u from leaving with the girl, even if u befriend her friend...from her friend wanting her to leave with her...not alone, to getting distracted with drama, to talking to the other people who own the house, etc.

I know im improving constantly, but from my would seem easier to take a girl back home from a club than a party. Would the girl at a college party HAVE TO BE VERY DRUNK for this to happen? Any advice would really help me out. I know im getting closer?

Van Damme From RSDNation Replies

dude your situation is NOT specific to college parties, that's how it always is. But me and my buddies work the college parties, so we've realized-

you need another guy on the same page as you, if its 3 girls and its only you 2, you better get a 3rd guy in there quick. (Ozzie transformations, just pull a guy in there say whatsup, and he'll stay, or just take a guy on the side and tell him whatsup and he'll most likely LOVE to help you and get with the 3rd girl)

The easiest way is to go to another party (keyword *PARTY*(sell the party, "this place SUX lets go to XXXXX yeaa eveyone lets goo awsome!") Trying to go straight home is a bit harder...but sell the home area as an afterparty, my buddy got an apartment so I dont have to use the dorms. Girls LOVE afterparties. Lemme tell you, the easiest way to pull girls from a party is to have a female freind talk it up and have HER ask the girls you're with.

Dude we fuckin took a group of 5 girls we just met within 2 minutes to agree with us to come, JUST BECAUSE one of my buddies GFs told them they should come. (and again dont bother with all this if you dont have an after paty spot where you could do bang bang, im just saying that if u have the luxury of having one like we did that night)

You'll get there man, watch how other guys leave with girls. This logistics stuff is ALL about the 10-2 rhythm, you can open a convo early on, then (well for me) around 12:15 is when you strike, and leave with them.

Like you can have a good interaction early in the night, then later on they will go to you rather than the other guys trying to get them at that window of time.

But you gotta figure out your own logistics, for example at my university we have parties like across the street walking distance from each other.

ONCE you move them to another party, you're in the clear because those ppl at the new party think ur together, theres less friends of them to cockblock, etc.

But dude nothing will ever go down if you dont have each guy with each girl, I say look for a player type of guy at the parties, or just one that is hitting on a lot of girls/opening sets left and right, just SOMEONE who is one the same page as you (get laid and social intuition/seeing the matrix, dont bring up PU shit since theyre naturals and they know wtf logistics are, we just put a fancy name to this stuff in the community)

Talk up where you're going like you're excited and keep fighting to leave with them, if another guy is gonig for that shit keep going, he'll give up when he realizes it'll be a lot easier to go for another girl since you keep staying on that shit.

Good luck and I hope you get consistent at getting girls from college parties, I know I'm workin on it like crazy to get consistent with it too.

ps. find a shitty party and then the girls will go to another party more, like me and my buddy went to a Latino/black party and found like pretty much the only 2 white girls there and left with them in only like 20 min or less (damn drunk time is weird), because they were looking for hot white guys you know..., kind of like how guys try to PU girls in gay bars, well no shit if you're straight, its gonna go better

And dont be afraid to BS a little, we just went like "PARTY AT THE ****APARTMENTS", and when we got there it was just my buddies place and he just popped in a movie. If they leave with you, that late, you gotta escalate on the way cus they know whatsup when they leave with you. So its ok to BS a party, they most likely wont care because a party is basically a place with alcohol, which counts. ok i wrote a shitload make what u can of it peace lol

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