Friday, November 7, 2008

Q&A: DonSuave

Question 1: How do you handle logistics for taking a girl home from a club after the kiss? It seems that after i kiss a girl, nothing develops after. Things die down. How can i keep things going till we leave together? Cuz i know eventually, she'll want to return to her friends to check on them, but i fear if i do that....then ASD will trigger. I would do dancing but some girls don't want to dance. It seems like when things start out good, i lose energy/steam to keep things going.

Since I have sex on a regular basis, my mentallity when I go out is not to get a girl and bring her home. If I do then it's all good but if I don't it's not the end of the world. I go for quality.

That being said, If I want a 1NS, I know which types of girls to go for. There's something about them I can smell and I know " she is the type " that will settle for 1NS. Not that you can't 1NS all women at some time and some place but some of them are built for 1NS.

2ND PROBLEM----------------------------

Now second problem you have is energy goes down when you kiss a girl which means you have game until there then you don't know how to escalate. Usually if you date girls your age, you will have to do 2 isolations.
1rst one, you do the kiss. Then at some point she will probably get nervous and want to go back to her friends. That's fine.

You should say " Yeah let's go back and see what everybody's doing!"

When you go back you must be confident. Alpha. Show everybody your a nice, social guy. Make them like you and show the girl you like her also. But don't overdo it. If she really likes you she might kiss you in front of her friends. If not, spend some time there then proceed to 2nd isolation.

That's where the " NEGOCIATOR"S PHASE " begin. You start asking questions.
" Where you live? Who did you came with? blabla"
Then you start seing if it's logistically and logically possible for you to fuck her that night. If you can you push it not fuck it. Take her # and date her some other time.

Now a good trick would be to make a BOUNCE. Take her to some club nextdoor. If she comes with you, you have a 70% chance of fucking her that night. Just take your time. Don't touch her pussy or anything. Be patient. If you know you will fuck her you don't have to do all that stupid stuff.

Now this is all theory.
Once I was walking in a club and I held eye contact with a chick that was passing by, i kissed her, held her hand, then I smiled and let her go and didn't follow up with a Took me 3 seconds, no opener or anything

Another time I hit the dancefloor with a chick we didn't talk at all for 10-15 min, we went to the bathroom and she gave me a blowjob

So really, there are no definite answers in PU you have to be incredibily fast and adaptable. The mean justify the end...

Question 2: How subtle should one be in terms of talking about sex at night game? For these girl, who seem socially conditioned the most....wouldn't that trigger ASD? But i also heard its a good idea.

Thing is you don't have to talk about sex. Some things in life are implied. Let sex be one of those things. Just have a strong sexual aura. That's it. Girls pick it up and when they do and you act alpha and strong they want your balls.

Question 3a: When dealing with groups, is it always 100% necessary to isolate.

Not 100% of the time. 99% of time yes. If I go for a 2set and want a 3some then no i won't isolate but other then that yes you ABSOLUTELY needs to.

Question 3b: What if the girl doesn't want to leave her friends, but is still pretty attracted to u(unless she'll accept the isolation if she is attracted)? Is it worth to stick in their and continue gaming, regardless if she wants to be isolated or not? I tend to usually always go for the isolation within a few minutes but then stop gaming her after i tried 3 or 4 times to isolate and she doesn't want to.

That's what you're supposed to do. You may have timing problems. You may not know WHEN and HOW to isolate.

There is no precise WHEN excpet when you have good calibration and you know it's on. Other then that when she says no, give her more game then try later. I never take no as an answer. I can be rude to a woman when she acts like a princess. Maybe you're too nice with them

Question 4: The Mother Hen. Alright suppose the mother hen of the group tells u that she's protector, wat is ur strategy to typically befriend her?
My strategy would be to flirt with her too, keep a friendly vibe, and tell her that i give her respect for looking out for her friend, but then give attention back to the girl im gaming. Is that how you would do it?

Fuck that. 1rst of, your target must like you, if not your fucked. So if she likes you then any cockblock doesn't exist. I would hug my target and be friendly to the " mother hen ( lol) " but tell her hey this is MY chick now.

I can also completly ignore her if she doesn't have a strong influence on her OR if she's disrespectful.

That being said I rarely get cockblock because the girls I approach likely more often then dislike me so there's no reason to cockblock me.

Only begginners get REALLY cockblocked...

My mentality is my frame is SO STRONG, NOTHING AFFECTS ME. So I don't care about guys looking at me trying to get my attention, beef, cockblocks etc.

Thank You For Your Tips, DonSuave!

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