Monday, November 24, 2008

More Notes on Logistics

How often do girls leave clubs with guys?
Alot more than you think.

Logistics prevents it.

Catching them during the time they are looking to be loose, even if normally they wouldn't

Your giving her good sex that she hasn't really had/fun night/deep rapport

Being the guy can plug those gaps in the moment, can make the guy that takes her home

Game, those opportunities, is what gets you laid.

You Don't Want to be relationship material, just be good enough for sex. Just have enough comfort. Don't build too much comfort/knows you too well...she won't risk that.Women don't need to know all the details about u, they just need to have the sense.

If ur a guy who doesn't give it away, but enough to peak her curiousity....

Don't emotionally progesss, but logistically progress.


What will prevent her?
Pact that they go home together.
NY alot easier vs. LA, because girls arrive in the club either by themselves or leave by themselves.
NY so easy to take a cab.
Got to make it as easy as possible to get her home with you.
Make it seem as smooth and natural as possible.
The places being close and know how to get there without hassle.
With guy friends, they don't worry as much. With gf, it is tricker.
A) Build rapport with group
B) Put her away with the group
-How drunk she is.
-How many people see her leave. The more discrete, the better.
-If u need to put her away and have a conversation. Text her friends that she's gonna stay with another friend.
-Ask her if she's working tomorrow?
-Don't waste 4 hours of ur night talking to a girl when she's gotta get up at 6 AM. Came with 10 female friends, and she's not drinking. 1 drink and 8 drinks, give the girl the same excuse to her mind and friends. She can tell her friends and herself.
-Guy friend who play more of a protector: Thats a challenge. Its all in how u treat the other guys. If u come in a very strong frame, the guy's defenses will go up. If you go in wiht a cool, friendly guy. His alarm isn't going off that much, if he starts to act like an idiot in front of u....its too late. -If the guy is genuinely a protector that has no sexual interest, just have build extreme comfort with he can build the torch to u, he'll be relieved. A guy he can trust, so he can meet girls himself.
-If the guy is trying to sleep with her, then u got to turn it around on him. "Wow...that guy is really really into u" and it will click in her mind. Hey, im just being friendly and talking to people

How do you take a girl out from the club?-Gradually building up compliance/Gradually build up the things u do with her. Take her to different places within that venue. Dance Floor, bar,meeting different friends, couch, bounce her to somewhere that isn't that far away and isn't that high investment. "Hey lets get a quick bite to eat/go to this other bar around the corner".
-Don't stand in that same spot for so long. If a girl doesn't like u enough to sit down to a couch with u, there's no way ur gonna take her home.
-She's more attracted to u/respected u cuz u made a move even if she says no at first.
-To actually hook up with a girl, u do need to move this forward.
-A good reason to move someone somewhere other than sex.
-Even if a girl knows deep down ur gonna take her home, a girl wants to come out of the club having Plausible Deniability.
-SEEDING is def a good thing to do, as later when u mention them...its not such a shock. Cuz if she rejects it in the beginning, u'll find out the possibility sooner lol.
-Whatever you say and do to convince, keep it light hearted.
-No need to try to objectively/logistically convince her

When do you do when a girl objects to coming home with you?
When a girl objects it, treat it as a non-issue. Keep on moving her. Just don't even worry about it. Don't treat anything as an issue. The question is: Is she still with you?

How sexual should you get in the club?
HANDJOB ON DANCE FLOOR:on dancefloor, start kino escalating on dance floor. First u want to slow dance, while everyone is fast dancing. She forgets every one. U just slowly move her hands to ur crotch. Then go down in your pants. Fun little gimick. Don't recommend for proper game.
If u want a SNL:
When in the club, be working attraction hard. Build alot of sexual tension. Have a sexual presence. Be a guy that puts sexual seeds..but don't act on em. Kiss her on the lips, don't be the sloppy make out guy either for anything longer than a minute. Be the guy that keeps her at the edge of her seat building that sexual tension. When that tension is high and she hasn't made out with u yet, thats when u logistically escalate. Then when u get home, bam...sexually escalate. "Damn u look so sexy tonight..." etc...

Taking a girl home from a date vs taking a girl home from a club
on Day 2, u don't have to deal with logistics as much. You control logistics. 100% control of her coming to house/etc. Logistics are in your favor. She's away from all her friends. Dates are all comfort and then doing logistical and physical escalation. In a night game, do just enough comfort so she feels safe.But ur game mainly is attraction. Spike her emotions, not logically. Have her having alot of fun.

Girl go make decisions from moment to moment
Can still get all kinds of issues.
Ignore her words and watch her actions!
As long as she's not leaving, its still on
Best thing to say is "Cool"

If you haven't had any good interactions by the end of the night, is the night lost?
See how many girls a girl leaves a night club without a guy?
Look around and see which groups of girls are still standing there kinda checking things out/not really in a rush to leave. Those girls u just look at them, grab ur friend. Go up to them. Make it easy for them. Don't make it a big compliance thing. Make it a small thing. Bounce with them.
Easiest way to have a small compliance to bounce her somewhere else.(Club). Pulling is messy.Its never clean cut.

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