Friday, September 12, 2008

9/9 and 9/10

Tuesday Night, after the venting from my previous post, i then decided to go out at ladies night at the bar. I had a fun time. Most of the girls i went up to were receptive, just that their friends were cockblocking. Another i tried to do "Amazing Sadness Kiss" but she didn't want to. One girl did the Ethnicity game, we both smacked each other's asses.One girl was pretty receptive at first, but then when i was joking with her that since she had those "loop" earrings, that she liked black guys, she walked away(Afew other girls in the past thought it was pretty funny tho and were still into me), so she was weird. One of the cockblocking girls said "eww" when i touched her shoulder to cue her to let me through so i could get my beer, i ignore her, and i'm thinking, "She's weird...." Then another girl i gamed in the past gave that same look.

But then my last approach was a Tall, Slim beautful brunette, to me a 9. She was shockingly nice. She was nice to most guys there, but i think she had some interest atleast. She and the DJ were drinking and talking together. I still went up to her. She was nice. I told her she was beautiful and that it excited me. She seemed flustered and very flattered. I was leading and being dominant, by having her tell me about herself. I took her by the hand and was about to have her sit down with me, but she said that her drinks were with the DJ. She was smiling all the time i was talking to her. I then wave and say, "Bye :-)" But then she looks back and laughs. But she's staying there, i then say "Aright...u can get ur drink and then we can sit down" We're walking and then i see she goes to the DJ. But i still think it was good game on my part, just wrong timing.

On Wednesday, I do some approaches i forget where. Some were interested i could see, while others were on a rush. One of the girls was the one i had a day 2 with. Wednesday Night, i went to a small party, that only had two girls and most were guys. the Guys were dancing with each other(No homo) just funny shit.

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