Monday, October 20, 2008

University of Mary Washington Weekend PART I

Before the Trip

Aright! Finally to UMW, where my best friend...Arnaud goes to. He told me the girls are easier and are less of a hassle to game. Being frustrated with girls at Radford earlier in the semester(I aint bitter or frustrated anymore since i let it go), i still wanted to see if his words were right.

On the bus there, i sit with this cute girl. She had a nice slim body, i liked her toned rack. I sit next to her, and we talk for hours. This girl's personality i was attracted to her. I really got to know her. She seemed real. She liked outdoors stuff, couldn't stand horror movies(Which was funny), talked about sorts of things i was interested in too. I think her being cute and her personality made me attracted to her much more. I actually got a hard on. When we both went to sleep, my arm was next to hers, and our knees were touching each other's. As when she was talking, i kept looking at her lips and eyes(as Manwhore suggested) did it get me horny. Plus she smiled whenever i teased her/joked around, genuinely. It was good talking to her. Got her number...and set up to eat with her.

The First Night

When i get there, we go to a party. It is a smaller party, but the girls were nice there. I was a lil shocked. I was use to girls being different moods at Radford, but at this party...they were having fun. Dancing with many girls. Didn't get to kiss any, BUT i enjoyed myself. I improved my logistic sense by asking the owner of the house, who's off limits. He told me most of the girls are fine, except the one he'll make out with. We both cracked up. Was a very cool guy. Was funny tho, there were about 5-6 girls who went inside the party but he kicked them out becuase he didn't know them. I was shocked, at Radford...girls were automatically allowed in, but here it was equal. If he didn't u were associated with anyone in the party...u weren't allowed. I thought it was fair and equal...the way it should be. First talk to this 1/2 asian, 1/2 white girl. She wasn't bad looking. Talked with her for a little bit. Tried to lead her to the couch, but she didn't want to. But i could tell she still showed interest. Danced with a few more girls. There was one that caught my eye in particular earlier in the night, but Arnaud told me that i shouldn't go in this fast yet to her(He doesn't realize that i have experienced these situations many times before) and he thought i'd scare her off. So i decided, despite holding back IMMENSLEY, to wait...but then after he said it was all good now(I could've done it regardless of if he wanted me to or not so early) so then i danced with the girls. Funny, the girls were into me. I was shocked how more simple it was. Course laying them still would take logistic handling. Arnaud wasn't really having fun as there wasn't THAT much dancing and it wasn't crowded but i def didn't mind.

ARNAUD'S BELIEF: Wait till things settle in, and go up to a girl at a specific time. Hence why he didn't want me approaching yet, but he didn't realize that i have a good deal of experience in the approaching department.

The Next Day

Aright, we go to the cafeteria to eat. The cafeteria isn't as packed as say radford...but it seemed easier to game girls there. The college is 70% girls and 30% guys, a playboy's dream. I saw a cute girl by herself, i was shocked. Arnaud was hesitant for me to go up to her out in the open where people could see and thought i be more subtle about it, not wanting me to go up to her this soon. But this one, i had to decline his wishes. She was shy, but receptive. I can tell it brightened her day. She had a shy smile and she was def a cute girl. Was about 5'7, long brown hair, nice smile and teeth, skinny nose, slim build, nice toned rack. She told me she was an Historic Preservation major. The convo seemed easy and simple. She told me she was bored and had nothing to do except homework. MONEY AND JACKPOT. I get her number to have her come with me to a party later that night. My friend then thought she wasn't that cute, but we had different tastes.

After that, we sit with a blonde science major girl he met. She wasn't bad looking, but i liked what i saw. She had a nice slim body..about 5'6...her face was adorable. I then couldn't stop looking at her lips and eyes, turned me on. I liked how she'd look at me with focus. Was funny. Arnaud hinted that i talked to lots of girls. I could tell she was intrigued by this. I sarcastically playfully said the opposite that i didn't but its obvious i was faking it. We all talked together.

After lunch, me and Arnaud go to watch a rugby game. He tells me i should call the girl i got a number from to invite her to dinner. I do, she answers. I WAS SHOCKED. I invite her to dinner. She said she's bring her friend with her, i was down to it, since my friend could have a girl to talk to. But then when we get there, she's only there. So then me, my friend and her are sitting down. We both are talking to her. I could tell she showed interest still. She told me she had a bf, BUT i didn't not care and she didn't bring it up again. This could def be a sign that getting with her was def possible. She also told me she hasn't gone to a UMW party yet. BINGO. We then spot the blonde girl from earlier, we tell her to sit down with us. She looks at me with curiousity when she finds out that i met her earlier during the day. The brunette girl has to leave, i flirted with her a bit and she laughed and seemed pretty receptive. After she leaves, she finds out that i hit on her and invited her to sit with us. I can def tell the blonde girl was def getting more attracted to me. She looked at me curiously. I teased her naturally and was playful. While i got food, i found out from my friend that she thought i was friendly and nice(But not the chumpish kind) but the "I like him" kind. Arnaud then starts to ask her questions of why girls act flaky, bitchy, dont' return calls, don't try to call us.

She said shyly and unsure, "i dunno" i then say that they expect us to call and that if i was gonna meet up with a girl, i will just tell her to meet with me. I can def tell she liked that part. She then says, "But thats so dominant :-)" I tell her that no need to ask, a girl will let us know if she doesn't want to or not, but other than be assured that she will. So then we hang out with her a lil later. I decided to let him and her talk(Im thinking he's trying to get with her). But then i hear that he's not into her in a non-platonic way, i tell him that i def want to fuck her. So then we try to invite her to the party but she doesn't want to...but still she's seems a chill girl.

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