Thursday, October 16, 2008

Night Game Notes to help

Listened to the Free Teleseminar by Sinn of Love Systems/Mystery Method. At first, hearing it was of MM, i was skeptical considering MM's reputation of being indirect, considering i'm direct...but he did mention this can help in ALL forms of game, plus Andy, one of my future Potential Wings, recommended it to me. When i listened to it, i can only get half of it. But he gave me the notes:


Best way to get into rapport is to go first
Its offering stuff about your life
Comfortable convo
No pressure
Your both on the same page
You know I’m a writier and because of that it makes me really passionate
But also it makes me arrogant and makes me think everyone should listent o what I have to say
Throw a checkin and make her agree
Harder qualifiers afterwards
Just assuming rapport and talking
And gradually work up to something like “have you ever have something like that happened?”
If you do it for your self, people will be infinitely more opened and helping you do it.

Touch early, youre a touchy guy
Make It look like she’s touching you, take her hand n put it on your arm
Youre the one ending the touching first
Hand touching
Arm n arm – qualification
Arm around
Talk face to face 3-5 mins
You have to prep it

Handling Logistics to get to the bedroom
Ask Questions in beginning to seed for later:
Whats on the agenda for later (short for do you wanan fuck?) very early on
Who she’s hear with
What she has to do tmrw
How she got to the venue
Seed to leave club together!

Good Rules of Thumb for later in the night:
Never take girl out to a diner or a place to eat
Club or house or their house
To Fuck a girl in an alley in 10 mins if u can sense the huge sexual tension:
-“Lets go get something outside”
-“Lets go get something in my car”
-“Its too hot in here”
-“hey lets go over here, lets go eat”
Hey were leaving the more dominance you have in your speech the better!!!

Being Sexual:
SNL is sexualize everything
“We’re not going to get along”
Challenge the girl sexually
I don’t’ know who your ex bf, was but he didn’t spank you enough
Sexualize teasing and attraction game
Start talking about sex
Spill your drink on her, oh you got me wet, yea i kinda have that effect on women
Talk about sexual subjects and make fun of it.

All in all, this def was worth getting information from. This will help my sticking points immensley down the line

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