Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/11 NIGHT - 10/14, Two Day 2s

Aright people, Saturday Night...I went over my friends' apt yet again to drink and game. Of the typical girls who go there, whom aren't into me.... only one was really gameable. They brought her there. I give her a 7. Her body was ok, but she had a cute face nice eyes. Flirting with her, she was into it...but the groupies of the apt tried to pull her away. I was at the balconly and they were talking, i wanted to continue talking to her but i was afraid of being embarrased if one of the girls who didn't like me there, tried to sabotage and something weird would happen. After that particular girl left, i then continued talking to her. But they were leaving, cued her to peck me on the lips, we did and she left.

At another apartment, try to game a few more girls. One of them was a thick brunette. She was cute. Isolated her to the couch but her male protector pulled her away. Surprisingly in the past when this one black dude did it, it pissed me off and i have been bitter about it since. But then recently when a guy does that, i don't care. Guess my inner game has gotten stronger. Another one was a small hot blonde chick.

Improvement: Cockblock prevention

She was with this dark brunette with big tits. I acknowledged both of them, and then tried to get the blonde to dance. The brunette told her to dance with me. They both laughing when i was teasing with them both earlier. The blonde did for a minute but that was the end of that. I could tell she only liked the frat guys who lived in the apt. No big deal.

Later on, saw this really cute brunette. She was cute as anything, sitting down. Tried talking to her and her friends, then isolating her but she didn't want. Then i see they're wanting to talk to the other guy who was talking to them. But then as i saw, he wasn't doing anything. They were just glad to talk about anything. So then after 20 or so minutes, he still hasn't done anything, i decide to sit next to him, and i whisper to him "Make the move". He tells me, "But she has a bf" I tell him, "It doesn't matter...go for it anyways" But he doesn't. I then see one of the groupies of the apt i go to usually to drink. She was there. Her top she had on was nice. I was drunk as hell, but kept flirting with her saying how it was distracting and that she got it going on. Was funny as hell. She was like in a shy manner, "I should my coat back on" hahaha. Later in the night, i saw a guy that i didn't like in the past cuz of his stupidity and flat out ignorance...but then i decided to let it go. Said watsup to him, he was friendlier than i thought. But maybe deep down i still may not like him, but the hate/dislike has pretty much gone.

But all in all, funny night.

Just called some numbers. Called the silly/bubbly brunette girl with a pretty face, and nice ass. Invited her to eat with me the next day in the cafeteria(day 2) She said sure. Called a few more numbers, some were wood...called another girl back 6 months ago....she looked up who i was and remembered me. I told her i'd hit her up later in the week.

Approached a few girls. One of them looked like a southern belle i was pretty attracted to. Found her pretty cute, went direct and she was like "Really? :-o" haha. Was funny. I knew i made her day. Talked for a minute or two. She told me she's not on campus that much. I told her i'd call her, to find out when she's free on campus, when she has a break. Approached a few more girls, were wood.

Saw the nice ass, cute face girl at 7-11. Reminded her 6:30, she said sure glad to see me. I guess this is another day 2. She arrives 15 min late and calls me telling me she's running late, and i see she brought her friend along i met the first time i ate with her. When they arrive there, i feel like she didn't give a rats ass that we were meeting up, eventho she was nice and friendly. I thought they were into their own convos more than me, and that it was just something platonic. I did the best i can to flirt and seduce, but there was only so much i could do. They then decide to leave early, telling me sorry. I told them it was ok. Afterwards, i felt mad...but didn't think i should've been and didn't understand why. I then realized that i was mad cuz i had my expectations too high that she would understand that it was a day 2, but i realized that it was a learning experience and that it can prepare me next time for: EMPHASIZING U AND HER!

Later in the night...i then decided to go to the apt i usually go to. Out of the like 10 girls i tried to hit on, but didn't work out...there was one left whom i gave a certain impression to, my persistence, dominance and fun vibe. I decided to try to give it a shot with her. This would be my last time at the apartment for a while. When i arrive first at the apt, i don't her and think that i never will. But then all of a sudden...I see her, i act playful and to be funny and stuff with "Finally ur here! Bout damn time!" but she tries to act neutral. I thought i failed off the bat and thought about calling it quits with her.

NOTE: If its a higher energy environment, that would not be a thought. I would persist most def easily.

Then i notice she looks at me from time to time, subtley and quickly. I then noticed that she was actually playing hard to get, and she was one of the girls whom like a guy but don't want people to know, to keep a certain image. I then just got drunk the rest of the night.


Approached quite a few girls today, most said they were taken. Saw one who was walking that was in my work. The guys at my work said she had a butter face and that her body was a lil porpotioned but i didn't care. I liked what i saw. She remembered me. She seemed glad to. I go right to the point. She tells me thurs she got a break. I told her i'd hit her up tomorrow.

Meet up with another girl whom we been in contact. I kind of forgot what she looked like but she remembered may face. When i saw her, she looked aright...but it was only cuz she was wearing a sweatshort, jeans and carpenter boots. Now if all that was off and her hair was out, and saw how big her breasts were again...NOICE. So then...she's with her roommate but its fine. Its going well. Im flirting wiht her and her roommate. Getting to know her, making it obvious im into her in a non-platonic manner. Letting her know how i find her twang sexy, tehy both giggling. Hand holding her a little long. Looking at her seductively. It went great. They both down to earth. I tell her that i'll call her again to hang out with her. All in all. it went great.

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