Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/15 Good Gaming Day and Insta-Date almost happened

Aright today for day game, i did pretty well for approaches. Tried Manwhore's suggestion and i got good responses and reactions.

First was a hot blonde girl with glasses. I was pretty attracted to her, she seemed attracted to. She was pretty nice but i could tell there was interested. I could tell she liked it when i went direct with her. She said she was gonna get coffee, i then told her to come with me to starbucks. So then we walked to starbucks, and while we were walking there, we talked and got to know each other. Qualified her so to speak with her personality of how i found it sexy that she had a feisty side, also related to her in the fact of how people should genuinely like u for who u truly are, rather than who they want u to be. We could relate in that regard, and i flirted with her and was playful. Turned out good. When we brought our drinks, as we were about to sit down...her roommate texts her for an emergency situation so it got cut short. But i got her number and will contact her sunday night, to try to do bowling with her :-D.

Did another approach with a girl i met before, just told her that i prolly flirted with her before...she laughed and was smiling. Got her number quick.

Another was this puerto rican girl with nice tits, cute face...thickish body. She was pretty receptive, facing me...smiling. Got to know her for a few minutes. Just being by myself, she seemed relaxed and was talkinga bout herself. Talked for 5-6 minutes. Got her number.

Another girl i went up to, she was hot. Talked to her for about 7 minutes. Stopped her directly. Tried to get her number, but she showed resistence. Put the boyfriend card after saying how she doesn't really know me. But i plowed, she tried the facebook thing at first, but then i told her "Whats ur i was about to enter it in" She's like "I can't just give it to you" haha. I then told her, "Yes u can :-) Then she says she got a bf. I gave up too fast i think with that. So then we'd see each other around. The next time i prolly do, im gonna just talk to her here and there on campus till we set something up. With her i think she wanted to, prolly just really socially conditioned so far...i'll ease it off. When she was in her car, she waved goodbye.

REALIZATION: Sometimes girls don't want to give numbers because they feel they have to know you better. But its our job to let her be free of that conditioning. Next time im in a situation like that, im gonna tell her "Thats what why we're meeting up. So we "Can" get to know each other".

Later on, texting two girls i got numbers from earlier in the week. One of them didn't respond, another one did...and she said she was taken...but i plowed and persisted, it was back and forth texting of me accusing her of playing hard to get, with her trying to change the subject to facebook talk and about if i accept pics on my phone, etc. I then after a bit each time always returned the convo to the meeting up. Then she's like "if i show up" Then i told her i bet she will. Then i flirted with her a little more. Then she accuses me of being dense for when she says she's happily taken, but i reply with im dense when i need to be.haha. I'll prolly text her again next week. This is a good thing for me to try for experience, see if she changes her mind next week. Its not much effort on my part...and i can learn much from this, of how possibly some girls can play hard to get, even if they say they don't want to but still not stop texting u.

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