Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/15 Sky's Thoughts and The Last 10 Weeks of College

Aright, here's another edition of Sky's thoughts. For the Last 6 Weeks of Gaming at campus again, i've noticed some changes in my ability...

Day Game: Inner Game Improvements/Realizations
1) Flakes don't bother me anymore. Its like "Whatever" These days.
2) Still confident enough to approach girls consistently
3) Glad to set up Day 2s more often
4) Realizing that meeting up with ANY girl doing it the way i've been doing in itself is a remarkable thing.
5) That some of the girls who have flaked, were PRETTY attracted to me at first but after ten minutes later, that attraction died down.
6) Never giving up still
7) Not frustrated with day game overall anymore
8) Experiencing different situations
9) Laying college girls during the day is no easier than say the real world, except that sometimes it can be harder considering there is more social conditioning involved.

Night Game: Inner Game Improvements/Realizations
1) Getting kisses more these days, surprisingly
2) My calibration is getting a bit better in certain spots
3) Still having trouble keeping things going for a while...even after kiss
4) Going from kiss to lay seems much tougher
5) Learned to BEFRIEND ALOT, in lower key/chill parties....as eventho direct is my main style...its caused me to have to deal with too many cockblocks...cuz i hate having to resort to flying under the radar when my greatest strength is to make it obvious.
6) My Sexualness is going up.
7) "ozzie's" style of isolation and being the prime mover def causes these girls to be more attracted to me.
8) I'm less frustrated with night game.

Day Game Plans

1) Caring less of what people think and prolly doing more lab approaches again if i see a girl i want regardless of her reaction
2) Gonna Try Manwhore's suggestion for me:
For Ten Approaches:
-Strong sleepy eye contact , smile , approach, talk a little and be horny.
-try this for 10 approaches and to see the difference.
3) To girls i see around usually, get the number...even if her friends are around.
4) Just keep doing what im doing

Night Game Plans

1) Frat Parties again with lots of girls. This is my forte' and my advantage.
2) Rileys every thurs unless i have a test i have to study for.
3) Give it one more shot with certain girls that i don't think i did well with originally.
4) Make sure i know of the parties to go to ahead of time. For Friday and Saturday Nights.
5) Limit my alcohol in-take
6) For Frat Parties with Dancing, def to keep the girl occupied and to just move her all over the place and to def. befriend the friends
7) For Rileys, do the same thing i've always done.
8) Also to eventually go back to the apt to see how i've improved since leaving it.
9) For regular parties to not leave if a girl shows aloofness or is playing hard to get

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