Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6/24 Approach Anxiety?

Hey guys, today i was out of state again. I was feeling a little nervous and my rustiness was still around. Missed an opportunity or two. Didn't flat out game the red haired girl in class. Just said hi again. I then told myself that i'll get into state again, that i not worry.

Go to the gym, and then as im on the elliptical...i remember my purpose and how i sometimes wish that one day to where i told myself "I can't do anything?! She's so fucking hot! I can't say anything?!" would happen again, to where i can say "Hey...i was able to do something this time."

For twenty minutes, i remembered my purpose, all i went through and hey...i started to get back my gaming sense so to speak. Then i see this cute dark haired girl on a treadmill. While she's running on there, i cue her to take off her headphones. I say hi to her with a smile and she's very friendly. I then decide to feel that passion...i tell her that she is so cute and then im gonna talk to her right now. She is happy but tells me genuinely that she has a boyfriend and that he dropped her off that day. I smile and tell her that its still was great meeting her.

I then saw that my sense was coming back. Even if she gave a different reaction, i think just being able to consistently do it again...gave it back to me.

As i leave the cafeteria, i see this cute brunette girl with shades. At first i hesistate to approach cuz i think its a girl i've seen around before and that i tried to game already. i look at her, and then i see that she looked at me. I then tell her to stop. She smiles and i open her. She smiles and is pretty receptive. We get names and i tell her, "Better yet, im gonna give you a hug" and we hug. I then ask her while looking at her eyes, "Now where u off to?" She tells me that she's just enjoying the weather. I tell her, "So tell me about urself" She tells me she's a elementary school counselor. i tell her i never could do that, after about 5 minutes, i'd just give up and go home. She giggles a little bit. From what i can gather, i think she was interested in some amounts. Then after another minute, i tell her that we can have coffee. She says sure :-). I get her number from her and hug her again. She tells me she commutes an hour and 30 minutes away, and that she's only on campus 2 days during the week.

From what i can gather, i believe the reactions are usually good because im smiling and i sound enthusiastic when going up to her. Before, girls tended to not want to because i prolly wasn't congruent after opening. I am more now.

Also, as any guy who's afraid to approach at the gym...the girls are nice there.

I texted the brunette girl and she told me that tomorrow or thurs she is too busy. She said monday could work and that ten am is best. Told her ten is good for me too. We'll see when plans are officialized.

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