Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day Game This Week Sorta

1) Brunette sorority girl. Went direct. She was pretty receptive. Talked for a minute, we both on rush. Told her i'd see her at college bar.

Was rusty for a few days....

Went up to two girls to get back in the groove.

Today went up to a hot brunette girl. Did the raise eyebrow thing when i saw her, she smiled. I go up to her with "hi" as she's on a computer. She's not really acknowledging me and says "hey". I do my direct line and she says i approached her before. I ask her, "When?" she tells me it was on campus. I leave feeling it was in a lab where there was a bit of people, but they didn't notice. After, i felt a bit embarrased a bit ashamed doubting if i should keep approaching on campus, but then walking after 10 min...i felt fine again.

At the gym, noticed a cute tall brunette girl i saw at the lab a day before. We're both on the elliptical. We're just having normal rapport and i could feel my approach sense coming back. It was gone for a few days, but i felt more relaxed. Invited to eat with me on Monday. She said sure. She gave me her number. She was receptive throughout talking to her, even taking off her headphones which she originally had. So it was good.

Called the girl i also invited to eat a few days ago. She was on a business trip and told me she'd hit me up when she returned. I'll give her 3 days and then i'll hit her up again, if she forgets.

Thats pretty much the gist of it. Not much of day game this week.

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