Monday, June 2, 2008

Sky's Thoughts Day Game

Hey guys, lately i've had some thinking in the game.

Here are some things i've noticed for both day and night game.

Day Game:

1) For some of the flakes i got for the previous semester, I didn't think i really did anything wrong. But then i learned that the reason why i got flakes was because i got numbers from girls i didn't even sense "that much" interest from and just # closed for the hell of it. The were only a few numbers i got of girls and they were actual numbers. Just they flaked meeting up prolly cuz i tried to have them back at my apt to watch a movie, to where they prolly were more comfortable if i just ate with them first, but least they knew where i was coming from.

2) The good news is that in day game, the most attractive of girls are receptive to it still.

3) In some of my interactions, i cared too much about getting to meet up with the girl i was talking to. I then realized that i was less tense when i didn't care the result of it. Thats a better mindset. Why? Because naturally, we'll be more smooth and charming and shit as we don't hold that much involvement with the outcome. If she doesn't want to meet up with us again, no worries. I'll find another girl at least, if not hotter,and she'll be feeling me more. There always are those girls.

4) Lately, due to the flakes, i was hesitant to go for numbers again since i'd just assume they'd be flakes. But guess what? Assumptions aren't always the best way to go. I mean sure u don't always have to go for the number, but at times...just to be sure u'll see the girl again... get it. I hate going for facebooks, if i deep down want the number. Its all in risking rejection. U could say i was tired of flakes and rejection, that i wanted to play it safe and try to reduce it. But in reality, ur just prolonging it. If the girl is flat out into u, she'll be happy to give her number. But if she's maybe, she'll be resistent. But lately, with some girls if i chat them up for not enough time, i fear that they'll flake on me, hence why i've done the coward route of just asking them for facebook. Also, at the gym, im afraid to go for the number as i believe the girl will feel judged with people around her and that be the reason she flakes on me. But in reality, they are all excuses. Go for the number when u want to man. Go for it. Risk the rejection. Who cares if she's not into you later? Im gonna get through that once and for all.

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