Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6/9 - 6/10/08

The Big Ass Girl:

At the gym notice a short haired girl with a nice plump ass. We get eye contact, she gives a slight smile. I raise my eyebrows, as we’re both getting ready to leave. I just have rapport with her. I’m relaxed, not even concerned with an outcome. Using Comecuca’s advice, I say whatever’s on my mind(About the gym and stuff). I touch her hair, making it obvious that my arm is touching next to hers. She doesn’t resist. When we shake hands, I hold it for a bit of time, playing with it. She’s like “ok? :-p” I do it again, when we’re both about to leave. I tell her, “Its how I roll” She laughs out loud. J

I then tell her, “hey…its great talking to you….lets have a bite to eat together. J since I find u cute and do want to get to know u better” She thinks about it for a second and then says, “Sure J” I get her number. As she’s leaving, I notice that big ass of hers. I got a boner. No lie, I still get a boner thinking about it.

I hit her up afew days later but she tells me she’s on a business trip and will hit me up when she returns. I see her at the bar, but her brother’s there, so I didn’t really game. I hit her up on Sunday night leaving her a voice mail to eat at subway the next day at 6PM. She didn’t’ respond till a day later texting me why Im not at the gym. I tell her that I went there already and I already. So then I decide to meet up with her at subway. I consider it a Day 2, because I successfully was able to meet up with her despite the last minute stuff :-D. She was already there and done eating, while I just decided to head over there. When I arrive, we talk for a minute, then we decide to leave and walk for about 10 min. After that, she tells me she has to go pick up her car. I didn’t want to walk all that way and being in our gym clothes, we part ways, BUT we are gonna meet again. Turns out that we will meet at the gym tomorrow and she said sure for seeing a movie at each other’s place(I think I remember mentioning one of our apartments). So we’ll see how that develops, but I was happy I was still able to meet up with a girl after 2 months of straight day gaming. :-)

Just Afew More Approaches so far This Week:

#1 Was a hot wavy haired brunette in the lab. She notices me looking at her as she’s picking up a piece of printing paper. I felt a “I want her!” feeling in my body. She has a really nice body and great rack. I was excited. After a minute, I go up to her. I ask her in a funny way, “ I haven’t met u before have i? J” (I did this cuz remember the girl I approached but felt a bit embarrassed as I didn’t know I went up to her before? I just wanted to maek sure) She says, “I don’t think so :-S” I then say, Aright just checking” She gives a confused laugh. I then tell her that I really find her gorgeous and that im talking to her. She is receptive I’d say. We introduce each other. Im feeling a bit more confident doing lab approaches. I ask her what she’s working on, she tells me a paper and how its due on Friday. She says she’s graduating. I do a little kino by giving her a hi five when she mentions she’s graduating. She laughs. She tells me politely that she’s gotta get back to it in a nice way. I understand, so I decide to leave. I was still a bit afraid to go for the number while people were still in the lab, but that fear will go away.

#2 Was a tall skinny girl on campus. She’s cute. I stop her. I tell her that I do find her cute and that I want to meet her. She’s receptive. We get names. I tell her, “So tell me about urself J” She then says that she’s really late to class. I tell her I understand. We were both late for class haha. I could’ve attempted the number. :-\ oh well. :-)

#3 Was a short haired cute girl walking throughout campus. I tell her, “Stop for a second” She’s walking a head of me. She smiles and says in a laughing tone “Stop for a second?” I say, “Yea J” I opener her. She’s receptive. We are walking together across campus. I tell her, “Tell me about urself J” She says, “What do u want to know? J” I tell her, “Everything J but lets not get to that so soon J” She then says, “Aright J I am a 5th year” and so and so. It was about classes and stuff, but i was actually glad talking about it. Didn’t bore me to say the least. I just said whatever I was thinking of. I hugged her when I opened her and when we parted ways. I then tell her as we are about to leave, “hey…its great talking to you…lets continue this further J Lets go get a bite to eat together in a few days J” She says her phone is broken. I ask, “Are u sure? :-p” She’s laughing and says yea. I then decide to just get her facebook.

I look her up on facebook and it turns out that she was taken. But hey, glad I know now J”

#4 Was a cute blonde sorority girl in the lab. What is it with always finding sorority girls when I approach. They are 10% of the total University population but jesus Christ! Well then as we meet e/c she gives a smile…I raise my eyebrows and smile. I then go up to her but she’s on the phone. I’m like, “Oh I didn’t know u were on the phone haha” She smiles. So then after she’s off the phone and after a minute, I go back up to her. I smile and say I really find her cute and im gonna talk to her. She’s receptive and we both have our names. I ask her what she’s working on, blahdy blah. I ask her if she’s gonna be in summer II(There’s not much time left till Summer I is over) She tells me she leaves Friday. So then Im like “Awww man and I wanted to meet up with u before then J” She finds it funny and is laughing. So then I do “tell me about urself J” She says there’s not much about her. I decide to sit down and tell her, “Ur so lying :-p u live in Charlottesville right?” She tells me nah, in Fredericksburg which is an hour away from me. I could tell she wasn’t really facing me during this, so I guess I lost motivation. I decide to eject.

#5 Funny approach. Was hot blonde who was in the lab. As she's leaving. I follow her and say "Stop for a second :-)" She seems and smiles. I then tell her i really find her cute and im talking to her. We get introductions. She receptive. She tells me she's student teaching high school and i tell her she's got guts with those monsters. She laughs. She also says she has a year left. I'm like, "Yea got a semester left...so close" So then she says its good meeting me but i tell her im not done talking to her yet. She says "Ok :-)" I then tell her, "Tell me more about urself" I mention tubing and she says she doesn't like to swim. Im like "Why not? :-p" Its not that bad. As im about to go into that more. I see a guy who goes up to us, and then i ask him, "How do you guys know each other?" He says, "We both have sex!" I couldn't help but to laugh incredibly hard. She laughs too. I then tell him, "Oh i didn't know u guys were dating :-p" Im just startled by the situation but he was a nice cool guy, just being funny. He asks me if i want a ride. On the way, he tells me he's a vegetarian and stuff. I ask him about that life style and want not. Its pretty interesting how their lifestyle is. I had to mention after this approach as this was and still is funny as hell to me. :-p

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