Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sky's Thoughts: Intermission

1) Turns out the cute girl who initially resisted in giving her number out to me, her number wasn't a flake. Thats an improvement, to where i'd always feel like shit always just accepting facebook after not persisting further. Fuck that shit! I texted her so she got my number, didn't text her for long. Gonna invite her to drink some coffee or eat after i hit her up again. Thats all the shit we can do around the uni these days other than the gym or gettin laid outright. Don't got a car :-p

2) The Big Ass girl, now that i see her around campus be honest...i just don't got that enthusiasm about her anymore. I guess its due to knowing that there's nothing that will result in it. Course i aint gonna lie, i'd still be down fucking her if the chance arose. I'm just bein honest with all u fuckas.haha.

3) Turns out the girl i got a number from at the gym, i actually got a digit wrong or something. So no luck for that lol, unless i see her around again in the fall.

4) The black girl with nice goods that i see around. Def got it goin on. After texting her, she's still open to seeing a movie at my place. Gonna text her a few days after Summer Session II begins which starts this upcoming monday as most students are back home this week.

5) For this break intermission, just been fucking lazy. Sad that i won't get to play PS3 in August, also jealous that Andrew,, has much more options to sarge at. Damn him! haha. But course im glad he's going to all sorts of places to sarge.

6) I haven't approached any girls since last week and surprisingly, i don't feel rusty as i usually would.

7) This week has given me time to think about what i've been doing so far this summer. I'd say my consistency has been pretty good. Usually, most of the time, i can approach a girl i want. Am recently just not caring what i say. Am getting much better at successfully getting contact information, am getting better at dealing with resistence. And i believe day 2s will happen a bit more on a frequent basis. I'm still just happy that i was able to meet up with a girl, to where it was a big sticking point for a while. Sure im still not mostly relaxed in a crowded lab approaching, but im def farther than what i've been before. The gym i def am there just about as i've prolly said before a few times. Negative reactions from females, although catching me off guard sometimes(oh go a bad fish this time?), they def affect me less than back in the day. U just have to look at the big picture here.

8) I'm tempted to go about starting a gaming social circle. Just seeing them around my apartment complex(social circles in general) got me thinking. I think part of me wants to hang out with a good amount of people, party with them, just do fun shit, not necessarily just hanging out shit. But at the same time, i know that doing that would take alot of effort to try to do, and the drama that could happen as a result, i don't want that. I've decided that once i'm satisfied really pulling off cold approaches, then i can take a break from it and then see how social circle gaming is. Eventho, the sad thing will be that even by then, the female friends i'd prolly make, i'd prolly try to fuck all them. By then hopefully, my self control will be decent by then. Also, right now...if i was pulling coldly on a good basis it wouldn't even slip in my mind, at all. I would give no shits about it. I right now just really care about hangin with the peeps i like hangin with, chilling and pretty much just do my own thing. I guess im the loner type. Hell, i prefer to sarge alone.

9) Lost bitterness of guys who've confronted me over the past 4 months, for stupid reasons, when im just gaming. Each of them were drunk as hell. They didn't really remember. Also saw how the guys really were anyhow. Why take them seriously? They insecure.

10)Haven't gone to the gym all week. If i don't, the weight i lost will return and we all know thats not good.

11) I can't lie, at times i've had regret for not flat out seducing girls who were in their final weeks at the uni. "She was mad feeling me. Why didn't i also go for the number instead of relying on her being at the club/bar?" "Why didn't i try to meet up with her when i saw her on campus, despite me not knowing her interest level?" "I won't see her again. This sucks. Won't get another opportunity to game her."

Guess What? Too many girls that i'll meet this fall, to even worry about the girls i wish i gamed further. Just be a distant memory :-D. Hey, Deja Vu will happen over again!

12) To be perfectly honest, whenever i see a hot girl. I just don't consider her out of my league at all anymore. I can happily say, finally i'm at the point when seeing a girl that i don't consider her above me anymore. Two weekends ago, when i was watching a movie with my neighboors, they talked about a girl in a movie, lookswise, her being out of their league. It puzzled me, "How is she out of ur league?" Cuz she looks good? Looks are a dime a dozen. Too many hot girls out there. Now i just got to meet up with them to confirm this whole belief and not talk from my ass. haha.

13) Trying to find an apartment that i can live in for 1/2 year in the fall time, as i graduate in the spring. Gotta try to be a subleaser for someone. Don't got much time left. Hopefully it'll be right off campus like a block or two away, as right place is about 20 min away by walk from the bar(10 min away from campus), a bit far for extracting girls. But i use to the walk countless times.

14) I wonder how limited i am for this upcoming 2nd part of summer for gaming :-\.

Those are my thoughts so to speak. Longer than usual, but meh

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