Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Turns out that when i told the big ass girl about having a movie at my place, i forgot to mention my place...she says she doesn't remember but sounded kinda caught off guard/taken back/guarded by it. This is when I see her randomly on campus. She tells me she'll think about it for a few hours. I see her at the gym and ask wat her decision is. She says "No" I ask her why, to be curious. She says she's good. The funny part is that it didnt' bother me. Althought i had the feeling of "Aright...i should go up to a new girl so she knows what she was missing out on" But then after she left the gym, i then realized that there's no reason to prove to a girl who has rejected u of waht u are. She's not part of ur universe. Plus, im glad i didn't waste any time, when she knew my intentions. So it was a win win.

At first it somewhat led to me having a disappointing day considering i found out at my work that the paperwork still was having troubles processing the payroll for when i get checks then my boss accused me of not reading directions, but then apologized when he misunderstood that i was following directions. Told him thats why i ask him before i work on anything. I was like to myself, "Aright...this is expected for the day to possibly become a bad day" But in reality, Bad Days are of the perceived eye.

But for the other approaches today:

#1 Was a cute brunette girl i was on my way to class. I open with hi, she says hi in a pretty friendly way. I tell her i find her cute and am wanting to talk to her. We introduce each other. I ask her where's she's going to. She says she's doing an intership, i tell her i'm late and then i say to her, "Hey...we can talk somemore...whats ur number? :-)" She says "Thats ok...i'll see you around :-)"
Learning how to persist through that, i tell her...that its rare i'll see her around campus again. She asks me if i have facebook and myspace. I tell her i don't got any of these ;-). Its funny, cuz we were walking together discussing this. So then i take my pencil out and am about to write it down on paper. She says, "Aright :-)" and gives it to me. I talk to her for a few seconds after.

I believe she had some interest on some level, and i've improved in dealing with resistence. All you do is just take the number down as if u assume she will give it. It'll be hard for her to resist. I told her that its a fail-safe, just in case i don't see her again. Im glad i've improved with that. Will she flake? Maybe. Who cares? I don't as much anymore as i use to.

2) Was a gorgeous latin woman. She's in an empty computer room. I tap her, she jumps a little but laughs. I tell her that i wanted to meet her. She's pretty receptive. I immediately sit down with her. We just discuss that Summer I is ending and how she won't be back for summer II. I'm like "Aww man". So then i ask her, "Tell me about urself" She says she's busy. I then just ask her, "You're not single are you? :-)" She says she isn't but that she's living with her boyfriend. I tell her, "So when's the wedding? :-P" She laughs and says that they prolly won't but have a very close relationship. She was seeking some more rapport with me. Find out she's colombian, do a fake latino accident repeating her name. My eye contact has improved, she had good eye contact to. Good approach i'd say. I forgot to mention, we joked a bit so it wasn't a boring approach.

3)At the gym, was a blonde girl. She's in the mat area. I turn her around. Tell her she's cute and how i want to meet her. She's pretty receptive. We get introductions. I just roll with conversation. She says she's leaving in a couple days. I act disappointed and tell her, "Its a such a shame...we could've hung im gonna be all bored and shit" she laughed. I then ask about herself. She says, "What do u want to know?" I tell her, "Everything...but first let keep it simple :-)" She then says likes to swim during the summer. She asks me how i have fun around here. I tell her that since im 21 that i easily find time. She tells me she's 20, im like "Just a year :-p....yea...just a year where it comes way too easy...way too easy" This lasts for about 3 minutes, i tell her, "Hey...lets get together when falls starts. Wats ur number?" She asks if i can remember. I say sure and remember it. After i leave, i forget her area code, and ask her lol. But all in all. Good approach i'd say, simple and to the point.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job closing these girls, I feel though u coulda closed the colombian girl. Did you by any chance?