Sunday, June 29, 2008

6/27-6/28: My Resolve, My Assurance Has Returned?

Friday, nothing really happened except i direct approached this tall very cute brazilian girl with shades. She was receptive, but caught off guard and was walking. Its more like she ejected. haha. She was one of the incoming freshman who there for summer orientation.

For a while, i wasn't sure where the rustiness was coming from. I wondered when i'd be more relaxed again. Then i realized, that i need to just not be afraid to mess up with certain girls. I am still holding back flat out gaming the redhead girl in class, because i believe that i'd mess up if i wasn't as confident as usual compared to if i did it when i was most confident. But the reality is, i know for certain i will still be rusty until i go for it. I think once i do this, i'll return to where i was currently at when i was most confident thus far.

Friday Night nothing happend.

Saturday Night at the bar:
Mostly sausage but some girls.
Aright, here im having approach approach anxiety not cuz i was afraid to approach but i was tense and had no idea if i could actually talk for more than 30 seconds. So i decided that i guess i would just drink for the night. But then i was thinking over time of why i believed my night game was getting so rusty that i wouldn't get further. I wondered if things would work out...if i'd get out of this sticking point. But then, i met quite a few people i knew and were glad to see me. I was laughing and enjoying myself drinking with them and then it finally hit me. I believe i refound my resolve of doing this.

So then i felt assured that i could atleast approach again. First approach i did was a hot 1/2 black, 1/2 asian girl. I'm talking sexy as hell. I went up to her, telling her i so found her gorgeous and that im talking to her right now. She reacted receptive but was shocked u could say. We get introductions and then she tells me she's with her friend and brother. I kinda panic, cause her brother was there. I believed i couldnt' do anything with her since he was there or game her. But here's the golden rule:


I immediately introduce myself to him and talk to him for a minute. He seemed chill, but in the back of my mind...i felt i couldn't get any where with the girl. BUT, i'll get through that fear. I eject, and the chick i was talking to was glancing at me. I already knew i shouldn't had ejected but i was just getting back to the swing of things.

Did another approach with this late 20s sexy blonde. I noticed her earlier, with another guy gaming her. I let him do his thing first. So then, when he was done. She was with a few other people sitting down in the bar area. I go up to her confidentally and tell her, "I find you so stunning, i'm talking to you right now" She's very receptive and we get introductions. I'd say there was interest there, as whenever i said something and she couldn't hear, she wanted to hear what i had said. This approach only lasted for a few minutes. I introduced myself to the people she was with and they were friendly. I then told her, "Aright...i'm going to guess ur age...28" She was very shocked. She was like "Who told you? =-o" I said, just a guess. She tells me her friend told me. I told her, "Nah...just a guess" I eject afterwards.

Eventho i didn't get really far out of these approaches, just the fact that i was getting that "Sense" back got me feeling better. I believe i'll be back to the point where i am still doing the kiss close challenge and successfully kclose a girl. I believe once i successfully do that, extracting won't be that hard. This is pretty much the wall thats left before i know success will be around the corner. Also, calibration. Isolation i believe i am much better than at first at. I'll return to the point where i'll just move up and forward.

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