Friday, June 27, 2008

6/26 The New Honies, Nervousness, and A Shitfaced Night

Aright, today i saw a few of the new incoming freshmen girls around campus. I felt excited. I can't wait to game them the first 3 weeks of fall semester flat out. I believe i should try Badboy's college game thing to where u do get a group of hot female friends. This way, they'll know of other girls i can then game. I should try it. And maybe the girls will be cool to hang out with.

One thing i will not do is be attached to them, or play the Father Rooster role to where im the "Protector". I aint gonna do that shit.

I can do that part of the week and still do cold approaching as usual. I realized that my tenure at Radford University is almost done. I should try to see what social circles are like, and having my own would be interesting.

Let me say i was excited to see the new honeys and i can't wait.

I only did one approach today. It was the library. The girl was pretty friendly and receptive but i was nervous but talked to her for a few minutes. I pussied out in getting her number. But its all good. Happens to all of us.

I backed out of going up to a girl i met before, and a red head who was cute. But i was just out of state. That's all.

Turns out the nice bod black chick was telling the truth about the sister and her being too busy.

Tonight i went to the college club/bar again. I was tense and didn't approach for about 20 minutes. By the time i started, i was tipsy and was getting drunk. I talk to some girls. Going up to them, having chit chat. I tried to keep dancin with some girls, it was fun. One of them was hesitant cuz of her friend wanting to dance with her, but i kept persistance and she eventually was close to me. I don't remember but i think i tried to kiss her, which she didn't want to. Tonight i know i didn't push myself enough. As I am now, i won't pull. I have to go higher. I will do that tonight. To keep the motivation of talking to the girl if she isn't giving much and limiting my alcohol intake. I have to. If not, i'll get drunk and won't get anywhere.
Oh yea, when i was dancing with a girl, a guy took her away from me. I knew him. But later he told me that he was sorry for being a dick like that, but that was his girlfriend. I told him, "oh its all good man. U had a right. U do ur thing, i do mine :-)" I didn't get far overall. I just danced and thats it. I was very drunk. Blew 20 dollars that night.

I also realized, its up to me here at Radford University to become the playboy i want to be. To represent the guy who wants to be really good with women. I am doing this for them. Not only that, but im also doing this for myself. Its up to me. I was shocked how many guys believe "Model types" or super hot girls are out of their league. That is a pile of bullshit flat out. No woman is out of your league. None at all. If she doesn't want u, then thats all. Doesn't dictate her being higher value or better than you. :-)

What I will improve on tonight:

1) Do flat out pickup. To flat out do it
2) Do feel sexual state
3) To keep talking and not give up, even if i don't get good feedback
4) If a girl is still there after i try to kiss her, don't give up. Even if ur dying to eject, don't
5) To only drink 2 beers max. No more. I have to be strict about this. I don't care if i have AA at the start. Can't break this rule.

Lets see if i can get unrusty at night as well.

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