Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Part 2 Gaming Agenda

Hey guys, decided to improve the way i game for day and night time.

Day Time
1) Open how i usually do, but feel that "Desire" for her.
2) If we're both having to go somewhere, i talk to her for only a few minutes at most. Can't overstay long.Paul Janka way. Be in and out of there 1-3 minutes
3) I then just flat out go for rapport. Get to know her or do whatever i feel like, see if she's enjoying the great heat, if she's in a happy mood, or whatever stuff i think in my head.
4) Persist to get her #. Make the ho say no.

INSTA DATE ATTEMPTS are prolly best if i don't have anywhere i have to go on campus, while she doesn't have anywhere she has to go either. The 1-3 min thing would not apply. I Would talk with her a bit longer, then go for the insta date attempt.

5) Text her or call her a day after to not waste time. Initiate with something cute, flirtatious, etc. like i usually would "Wat u doing now cutie? :-)" "Rosebud...wats happening?" etc.
6) Invite to just grab a bit to eat/have some starbucks/go to the gym together, etc.
Afterwards, get her back to my place to listen to some music or watch a video but do it the Gunwitch. During the intial meetup, i be in sexual state, and see if she has it as well. Even if she doesn't get into sexual state, i still go for it anyhow. I don't want to waste time having to go on multiple meetups to where it would develop into nothing, that she doesn't want to get intimate at all. I want 2 to be the limit at most.

The rest of the steps i'll make when i've reached that point.

DAY 2 i can't say until i've done a few

Night Game: Sticking Points
For Isolation from group:
1) Talk to the group at MOST 5 minutes. Just have "nimbus" and just be having fun talking to them.
2) Isolate the girl at a "High Note" or whenever i feel its a good time.

Note: Getting that high note has been that difficult for some approaches, even if i've attempted isolations much more than the past

3) If she rejects this at first. No matter what, DON'T EJECT! Don't eject unless u get a No, or she walks away. Even if she isn't quite focused on u when ur talking, DON'T EJECT. If she says after an isolation attempt, "I have a bf" or "I'm gonna talk to my friend(s)" DON'T EJECT/END THE CONVO :-p You can't be too sure. This is a sticking point i def forgot about, ejecting from talking to girls where i assumed they lost interest, when in fact they never did in the first place. Just keep talking to her and the group a bit longer, then try again. If she doesn't want to again, then move on.

Before the Kiss Closing
1) Keep the good state going
2) Keep talking to her.
3) Rapport/whatever/ask questions. Just keeping the ball rolling
4) Be Sexual. Look at her provocatively. Look calmly in her eyes. That sort of stuff :-).
Keep this till u got that feeling.

For Kiss Closing

1) Do this at a high note.

NOTE: Most of these kiss close attempts i haven't gotten high notes, i just went for it

2) If she doesn't reciprocate. Like, "Don't do that" or "Don't do that shit" or "Why'd u do that?" or turns her face or "U can't do that. I have a bf". If she doesn't leave, DON'T EJECT Talk with her a bit longer, so she trusts more and is a bit more comfortable. TRY THE KCLOSE AGAIN

After the Kiss Close
1) Keep Talking
2) Move around the venue
3) Go back to her friends for a minute, even?
4) Make out with her again
5) Then when u see another high note...

Questions & Answers I have in mind
1)If i'm talking to a girl, but she's not at a high point. Like she's receptive but not doing much.
PLOWING. Keep talking until u get that high note. If she responds with something that u like, touch her. Only touch her if she deserves it. This will cause the high point.

2) How do i keep the motivation to keep talking to her if she's not toward the high?
She is our motivation. Her being right there. You want her for you. You want to fuck her to the point she quivers for a week. You want to taste her lips and tongue. You want to feel her warm body. U want to smell her nice scent. U want to suck on those tits. You want to both enjoy each other and have fun. That's the motivation.

3) What if she doesn't want to isolate but u can still sense good interest from her?
Could always try to just kiss her, even if she's somewhat part of the group.

4) Male Protectors. How in the world do you deal with them? I hate them the worst as there not trying to game her, yet isn't there brother...yet they assume they are like a brother to them
Really Befriending them is the best policy. Just do the best you can. Still try to isolate the girl. If all doesn't go planned, u tried.

5) I'm too scared to go for it a second time if she gave a "negative" reaction/statement the first time, even if she didn't leave. She'll yell at me and/or slap me!
Thats the risk in the game, but thats the worst that'll happen. Her yell at you. Who gives a fuck. You'll get a tougher skin as a result. I doubt what u fear will happen. U've tried twice to kiss a girl. Did she yell at you? No.

6) I seriously am mentally clouded talking!
Ask her questions if ur that bad off. If ur mind is tired from thinking too much. Just get her to talk more. So then ur mind recharges.

7) I'm having trouble feeling sexual while talking to her
Check her out, to turn u on. Imagine having sex with her. Hey it can work.

8) Kino troubles?
have purpose touching a girl. Why are u touching her at all? Have purpose with it. There should be a reason.

That's the gameplan so to speak to sum it up:
Day Game: Day 2s happening more often, Night Game: More successful kclose attempts.

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