Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6/25 Getting unrusty

Small post.

Today i'd say that im still a bit rusty.
The facebook hottie hasn't returned the message. I'll give it a week and then just consider it a "NEXT". The black girl i text, being with "hey cutie..." and wanting to set up plans. She tells me, "Not to be rude but by name is SoandSo." I'm like, "Where is this coming from?Haha", She also says her little sister is living with her all summer session, so we couldn't hang out(Watch a movie back at my place). Doesn't matter if i believe her or not at this point. Normally i'd be like "Meh...why persist any further?" But then, i decided to tell her that we can just have something lower key(Starbucks instead). She told me she's very busy all semester. I decide that persisting further wouldn't help me any further. So NEXT. I'm glad that i didn't waste any further time and now just keep on moving to other prospects. To keep gaming going.

Didn't find any girl to approach today surprisingly. Saw a 2 set but i'd like to be really good at solo sets first then 2 sets for walking girls.

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