Friday, June 13, 2008


Aright today, much didn't go on. Went up to one girl, in an annoyed tone said she was studying for a test. turns out she didn't look good at all.

Another was a cute blonde who smiled when i was the comp lab. I could tell she was busy, so i just chatted her up for a minute but didn't decide to continue further.

Was a sexy legged, nice assed older black haired woman with glasses. I see her face and is ok, but i still would've wanted to bone her. I go up to her, tell her i wanted to meet her. I held back what i really wanted to say, "Sexy" because i did find her that way. She says she's about to pick up her son. She has the face of not believing me...but in these situations u just keep plowing. Plus i kinda cared what the people around me thought of trying to game an older woman who worked at the university. Was near a parking lot.

Saw the cute skinny brunette girl the day before, she told me that she'd prolly give me her number tomorrow. Today i told her, but she told me she had a bf. It didn't care if it was true or not, i decided to just let her go. I didn't care about persisting it

During the night, i sent to the club/college bar and let me tell sucked. Not really any girls to choose from. I did try to game a girl who i see around who went to my HS. I had too many thoughts in my head. I tried to isolate her but she didn't want to, calling what i did "tricky". :-p. But the funny thing is that most girls aren't use to that, so isolation is what a man does to get a girl alone.

Gamed a black haired thick woman. This girl was with a male friend who kept an eye on her. That kinda held me back a little. I just check out her outfit and rate it. Looking at her rack and then looking right up to her eyes. I say her interest was ok, i tried isolating her so then it would just be me and her w/o the friend seeing us...but she didn't want to. I then decided to no longer try to game her.

Gamed a blonde i had went up to before, she didn't remember me. She gave me some good e/c, i guess it was from me going up to girls dancing with them. I sit with her and her friends. Her BFF, another blonde, was definitely the cockblocker, but the blonde def wanted to talk to me somemore. It was hilarious. The blonde always made sure each time i said something, that she could hear it, she was that close.

Tonight i say was aright, just wished there were a few more girls. Most people were leaving, so there was no reason to get a number as i wouldn't see em again for a while since Summer II students weren't there.

What I can improve on:
1) I have a fear of boring the girl i go into rapport. Sometimes i feel rapport after being fun at first, is my only resort when i don't know what else to say or they're not giving much back.

2) I got to Stay in nimbus(Adrenaline rush) longer.

3) Not ejecting after a rejected isolation

4) If the cockblocker tries to sabotage me, i just stay calm...keep being friendly, and still try to isolate. :-)

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