Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Two Weeks of Night Game

Thursday: Bar with Dance Floor
Aright went to a bar with a dance floor. Got a bit tipsy here. Tonight i went up to some girls.

One was a sexy brunette. I mean her cleavage was "God Damn" She was a sorority girl. I stop her as she's walking. I just say hi, my name is Stephan. She's looking off to the side. I"m holding her hand as she looks like she's bored and trying to leave. Turns out that she showed some IOIs when i was grinding with another girl. Tonight i was in state. I grinded with quite a few girls. Took the lead. Some were standing there, i took their hand, drew them closer and dacned. I talked to some. Danced with a redhead. Kissed her twice. She was like "Aright :-p" haha. It was more of a peck on the lips tho. Was a fun night.

Another i was dancing with, I turned her around. While she was talking tried to kiss her.haha. Was funny. She was still pretty receptive tho.

Friday: Regular College Bar

Tonight i was feeling a bit sick and out of breathe at the start. Took me twenty minutes to be fine. One blonde opened me as i was walking through the bar. Turns out i gave her a ride home when i was DD as she was very drunk. I talked to her for a few minutes but i ran out of things to say

Afraid to isolate her

Throughout the night i was nervous and was just concerned about talking to girls foremost. I remember going up to one more girl in particular. She was a long haired gorgeous short brunette. She looked just like another girl that im into. I opened with "I find you gorgeous, i want to meet you" She's receptive and i tell her, "Oh man...ur so cute. Look at u :-p" It was my playful side taking course, and i decided to introduce myself to the group sitting down she was with. I was talking to her for afew minutes. But then yep, it was time to move her away but i didn't. She said it was good meeting me and i to her as well, BUT it was good as i'd see her again in the next week :-).

Saturday: Regular College Bar

Aright tonight, there were less girls than before. Turns out the gorgeous blond i went up to the previous week on Friday, she had kidney problems after leaving the bar, why she was not in a good mood after. She was very receptive to me. We did cheers. Talked for a minute, but her friend came along(Who i knew). I told her, "I only need one more minute with her" at first, but then i let them go.

While i was talking to the blonde, the brunette tapped me on the shoulder as she was getting a drink(Indirect way of her trying to get my attention). And man, was she fucking sexy tonight. She was talking to another guy later on but Damn!

Had some AA for about ten minutes throughout the night. Go up to a tall thick woman. She gave me e/c earlier. I eventually go up to her. She's receptive. We have a few minutes of good convo. Its on and off talking to her u could say. She says, "I be right back. I"m not blowing you off :-)" It was true, she wasn't. I try to isolate her five feet away from her friend who's talking to a guy. I tell her, "Don't worry...u can still keep an eye on her. We'll be over there" She says, "Thats ok :-)" So it all good.

Talk to another cute girl, i know her from class, she's not with anyone. I try to isolate her too, but she's like she can't. BUT, she didn't leave. I'm playing along with feeling bad. i"m like, "Ah! This sucks! I so wanted to talk to you over there!" She was showing interest still and there actually was no need to isolate her. lol. She said she had a bf.

Kiss Close Her in this situation

Saw a hot blonde girl with glasses(What i love, hot girls with glasses). She was pretty receptive. Here i just talked to her and her friend. Lets say i was drawn to the friend, even more. She was a redhead :-)

Tonight pretty much was just to see where i was. I figured it out. It was time to take a backtrack. From the previous semester i was so concerned about closing, it screwed my gaming up. Now i've decided to do it the right way, work it one step at a time.

The Next Thursday

Aright, tonight i went to the club/bar for my uni. The night went good so far. Saw some of the same hot girls from the previous week. I got a bit drunk too early. But one thing i do remember was the fact that i doubted my ability of game that night.

Why? Because all i wanted to do was grind and dance and not talk. The way i use to be before taking an active effort with night game.

To start, was a girl i tried dancing with. I took her hand and tried to pull her to the dance floor she declined but she was still pretty chill though. I try grinding with her but she's too shy. She then introduces me to what she said was her bf. I was a bit fed up with the bullshit and didn't believe her, i walked away midsentence and she was like "But it is my bf! :-)" But then i was like, "Thats ok".

Also, a girl went up to me, touched my shoulders. She was just asking to be closed. I thought she only wanted to dance and she left. Can't believe it took me a minute after to realize what happened.

Could've kissed another girl i was grinding with. Hell, she even complimented on me by saying "ur one of the only few guys who can grind face to face".

Could've kissed another girl yet again, i knew her 2 years ago. She told me she likes me. I thought she was just being friendly...but man...i didn't realize till later. But i learn the next day she was very drunk.

I did some approaches but still i was having trouble. Some girls i was trying to grind with, were friends of other girls i know. They had a weirded out look and took them away from me. Deep down i was pissed. Not mainly at the girls but more myself for lack of gaming. Afew girls i wanted to game, were occupied with other guys, so didn't get a chance.

All i can say about the night was:

I want to redeem this night!

The night taught me a very valuable lesson: You got ur good nights and ur bad nights. The bad nights teach you lessons!

Friday: The Isolater

Tonight i used Machismo and ozzie's advice on leading. Literally pull the girl away, go to where u will both be 1 on 1. Before i was just say "Lets go over there" but this time i would actually literally take their hand and have them come with me. That was the plan.

Firstly was a hot blonde with glasses that i met a week before who was with the redhead. She was sitting down with her two friends. I just had a regular conversation. After 5 minutes, i took her and told her "Lets go over there" She said "Oh my dress will get messed up, its why im sitting down" I told her, "ur dress will be fine" She's standing up and i literally take her hand again and am like "Aright...lets go" haha. She declines again but in a friendly way. I took it she wasn't really interested. But the redhead was showing more next time i see gonna game her.

Second was a short haired blonde. She was cute. Was in her late 20s. I just introduced myself. She was with two guys. I had chit chat with her for a few minutes, i forgot what it was about, but then i flat out isolate her to a sitting area. While we're walking there, she's like "Who put u up to this?" I'm like, "Me, myself and I. Why u ask?" She tells me, "Oh...just a couple of guys asked me who i was talking to" While we're at the table, she tries a couple of times to leave. She's like "I'm 29 and its a good reason why we shouldn't be talking" Meaning, "I Feel like i'll be judged if i talk to a guy 8 years younger than me" I then tell her, "Fine wine tastes greater with age :-)" She laughs quite a bit there. She then tells me she works with cosmetics. I tell her its great that she can match make up with her skin naturally like that. She then tells me she's got to leave, her bf is in the pool room(This was def bullshit as if her bf was in the room, i wouldnt' had been able to isolate her). But then after her 3rd attempt to leave, i then let it go. I was just very happy i was able to flat out isolate a new girl. I felt very happy.

Third was a girl i've met and knew. I try isolating her but she wanted to go back to her friends.

Fourth was the sexy blonde from two weeks ago. Her friend was talking to another guy. After afew minutes of talking to her, i try to isolate her, but she says she'll gonna stay and listen to what the other guy had to say. I knew she wasn't really interested otherwise i would've persisted more. But turns out after her friend was talking to the other guy, seems like she showed some subtle IOIs to me and the good thing is, that she's just about as good looking.

Saturday: Meh Night

Saturday not much was going on. Saw the bf of a girl i texted about having alone time with her(hooking up)...she didn't take it well...but i could tell deep down she was attracted by the boldness...even if at first she was mad. I thought there was the possibility she told him. I was mad cool with this guy, and if there was ever to be a fight. I prolly wouldn't have the heart to fight him. But in reality, she never told him(Why would she anyone? She doesn't even know that i know him). He was happy to see me, i relaxed and was drinking a beer with him and his buddies.

Saw the gorgeous brunette girl again as she was leaving. She was pretty happy to see me. Next Thursday when i see her. Gonna game her flat out.

Saw a hot blonde girl. Gave e/c beforehand. She was very happy when i approached her directly as she was at the bar getting a drink. Was laughing and giggling when i said she was fucking sexy, told her that its what she needed to hear. She was with a group of 10 people. A guy who brung her was gaming her. I was trying to isolate her but she said she had to go back to the group.

Did a bit of gaming, approached two girls i forgot i approached before. They were trying to put my approaching in a negative light.

One of them was like "You went up to me already" I'm like, "Oh silly me...i didn't recognize u" in a ironic manner. She asked me, "Do you go up to alot of girls?" I told her, "honestly...yes" She says, "That shows character(negative light)". I tell her, "I shows good character...there's the risk of people not liking it....but if there's a girl i see that i wanted to gonna go up to her." She couldn't say anything else and stood there w/o anything else. I talked to her in a funny manner for a minute more. She's like "Well u can't get me" I tell her, "See? Thats the risk i told ya about ;-)"

Another girl was like, "You were the guy who congratulated me on my grinding!" in a negative light. I told her, "People should be praised for doing something good. U were great at it. Why? U want me to do the same old boring routine of grinding, and looking up at the sky like a idiot? :-P" She then smiles but can't say anything against that.

Girls are funny. They are egotistically frustrated with guys getting game, its hysterical.

Oh yea, at the end of the night. I vowed to go for a kclose with this one cute redheaded girl i met before. I pussied out the first time, but tried the 2nd time. I was dead afraid to go for the kiss w/o a signal. She rejected it, but i was happy i tried.

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