Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introduction of Sky's Words

Hey everybody. My name is Sky. I was formerly known as firstly:
Heyjose25points, then i moved on to DonJoseCantosie at Another name i've gone by is TheWolfHowls in the StyleLife Lair in DC.

I am an aspiring Playboy and this blog is my journey into my life of getting out there to win at the game. Pretty much this blog is of my journey from symp to pimp. I am a practicioner of Direct Game, and am following Direct Method, Badboy's Method, Real Social Dynamics, and Gunwitch.

I would say there have been some phases so far:

Pre Game Phase I: The Cocky Funny Phase. Sky is 17 years old who's never kissed a girl. He manages to find out about David DeAngelo. For half a year, he reads this book and applies it at his high school. As a result he got one date, had his first makeout, and became more confident as a person.

Pre Game Phase II: The College Hopeful! Sky is 18 years old who all he cares of is getting laid. He manages to get his first one night stand at a Fraternity Party. This improves his confidence and he was able to extract afew girls back out of parties, but didn't lay them. This phase ends when Sky gives up partying due to not having trouble doing it again.

Pre Game Phase III: The only way i'll get laid is to join fraternity! Sky is now 19 years old and is gaming mentality has now dropped. For the first few weeks of sophmore year, he tried to go up to girls and eat with them in the cafeteria but after a few weeks, he feels he's not good enough. This phase ends when Sky was unable to even still get a lay despite pledging a fraternity, and with him not being able to game some girls, he vows to gain game.

Game Phase I: In the Game. Sky comes across Mystery Method and starts to go out. Taking the game too seriously, at first he develops confidence to approach but eventually him always thinking about the game and losing who he truly is, Sky eventually develops social anxiety.

Game Phase II: I am Sky. After a month of recovering from Social Anxiety, Sky decides to do a personal seduction bootcamp to where he returns to do well in the game. He starts with Hi's, talking with strangers, approaching girls, getting numbers. As a result, Sky gets one meeting with a girl and could've fucked her but didn't realize at the time.

Game Phase IV: I am a Direct Man! After finally being able to approach for a bit, Sky still had problems attracting girls. He came off as a friend. In this phase, Sky begins using the Direct Method, 2nd semester of his junior year, 2nd half of the summer and 2nd half of senior year.

2nd Semester Junior Year:

2nd Half of Summer:

2nd Half of Senior Year:

Thats pretty much my journey so far leading up to now.

Right now, I am Touching The Night Sky

Now are the next phases i want to achieve:

Touching The Raining Sky: Gotten a lay and am starting to get success
Touching The Dusk Sky: Getting lays on a good basis
Touching The Blue Sky: Finally am a Playboy.
Touching The World: An Experienced Playboy, who can give out advice
Touching The Universe: Pass On My Legacy

Currently, It is summer time and i'm taking summer classes.

I will be doing day game and night game. My goal is just lays. In the future, i'll probably want a relationship. But for now, just getting my dick wet.

Day Game I will run direct game.
Night Game i usually do whatever comes to mind. Direct/Social/Situational/Etc.

Lets start the blog shall we?

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