Monday, May 26, 2008

"I can Go up to a girl, talk to her, but i can't take this to sex!"

For the past year and a half. I had the biggest problem at parties and clubs...

I can't kiss

Thats right, my biggest fear was going for the kiss. It boggled me how guys found it much harder to cold approach a girl but much easier to kiss one at a party. It boggled me for a long time. I could go up to a girl, talked to her, laugh with her, but i couldn't kiss her. The feeling of shame and failure was so strong. Its costed me quite a few potential lays.

Then one of my friends who also has a blog. Its at
he showed me RSD Transformations and it opened my eyes. Ozzie, one of the instructors there, taught me about closing. It boggled my eyes so much to the point where i finally figured what i was doing wrong for so long.

I then decided to put that stuff to the test just two months ago. Sadly, only 1/13 girls i tried to make out with....reciprocated. I Then realized, i was having trouble isolating girls more so.

So then i've decided to back to the that. Making Sure I can isolate girls first! Once i can do that, i go for the kiss. But if a girl rejects the isolation, i still keep talking to her. I try again, if she doesn't...i still go for it.

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