Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Game, The Past Two Weeks

#1 Was a curly haired brunette on a bench. I said hi and told her she was cute. I asked her to take off her sunglasses, was kinda cute girl. We have whatever conversation(i forget what its about). I talk with her for like 10 min. I try to go for her number. She's like, "oh so thats how it is" I tell her, "Its just a number. Wats the big deal? Its just contact information" She gives it to me.

I text her 6 hours later telling her that its just to make sure i remember her name by saying it over and over.haha. She doesn't respond, text her again afew days later. No response. I call her, she answers, i say something, she hangs up.

#2 Was a blonde girl with a dress. As she's ahead of me. I tell her stop. She smiles but is still walking. I then decide to continue to talk by telling her i find her cute and i want to meet her. She says like, "oh my name is so and so" I then tell her my name. I decide to walk with her to the library. I just talk about how the summer is, how old she is, if she's going out this weekend, etc. But from what i'm judging, she doesn't seem really interested.

Last week in one of the nights going out, she notices me from like 30 feet away and whispers to her friend. I think she was saying to her, "Over there...its a guy who was hitting on me/went up to me yesterday. If he goes up to you, don't talk to him" or something like that.

#3 Blonde girl who was in the library. She was working on stuff. I got e/c from her. She smiled. I went up to her just asking her what she was working on the computer. But she looked pretty busy, so i didn't press further. Was more like she was being polite.

There's been a black girl i've seen around. I think their attraction between us. I told her i wanted to see a movie back at my place but she told me genuinely that she's super busy each day, but when there's a break between summer session 1 and 2, she'll def be free. She gave me her number so i can hit her up then. She sees me the next day while im working and she's happy to see me. Man, if things work gonna bang the living shit doggy style with her and gonna grip her braids tight while doing it. Got a really nice ass

This week i was pretty frustrated with Day Game. For some approaches, the girls were resisting trying to give out their number. They'd give things like "My bf wouldn't like that" or "How about facebook?". For here, i wasn't too happy. So i was like "i guess i could just do facebook :-\"

#4 Was a sexy fine blonde girl who i've seen throughout the year but never got to approach. I finally do while doing a run during work. She's walking ahead of me, i do stop. Tell her, "I find you so goregous...i have to meet you :-)" She says, "Really?! :-)" I say yea. She is excited. Asks me my name. I tell her that i saw her around repeatedly, but never got the chance. Turns out she lived in my apartment complex and told me of the cookout i missed they were having. She told me to hit her up on facebook. And i gave her a hug.

I hit her up on facebook, add her as a friend. I message her with,
"Next week whatever ur plans are, free up Tuesday or Wednesday :-).We're gonna be having drinks together" Waited 7 days, no response. I decide to write on her wall " ur pretty good at the art of playing hard to get now are we?" Haven't gotten a response yet. So prolly "next".

#5 Was a dyed redhaired girl who i've seen before but never went up to. I do the stop hand motion as she's walking toward my direction. She says, that she thought i was one of the bible peope who are out on campus trying to recruit people. I tell her, nah...that she's cute and i want to meet her. Im talking with her about her dyed hair, wat colors she likes. That kind of thing. She receptive but im not sure if she's interested tho to be honest. WE are walking together for about 3 minutes. So then i ask her, "Is there way to contact you?" She says, "Oh yea...u could prolly hit me up on facebook or something"

After this approach, it bothered me i didn't want to get a facebook at all. I wanted their number. If they were really interested they wouldn't mind, even if there would be a little interest.

#6 Good approach. Was a hot brunette with sunglasses. I do the stop and cute opening i usually do. She was pretty receptive. I tell her to take off her glasses(I usually do that with girls who wear *****s to see what their eyes look like). I then tell myself, "She's definitely a hot one" This girl was pretty receptive. Conversation was free flow. She tells me that if she had a straight face, its just that its just her normal face. I tell her that there's no need to worry, people with straight faces are usually in good moods...just that they're thinking on stuff. she smiles. We talk about the nightlife of her being 20 and that she uses her older sister's ID to get into bars. She says she'll prolly be at the club/bar thursday night. I then tell her, "Tell me about urself...since i want to get to know more about you :-)" She says, "But we just met :-)" I tell her, "I know :-)" I say, "U must be a Virginia Beach girl" She's like, "'d u know?" I told her, "Just a guess. I either meet northern va people or va beach people here :-P" I tell her about hte first time i went to VA Beach and stuff. It was good rapport. So then i get her facebook and tell her i'd prolly see her at the bars and what not.

I haven't added her on facebook yet, BUT when i gonna attempt to have drinks with her :-). I was still hesitant to go for numbers again since i was frustrated.

#7 Was a blonde girl with a cap on. She was pretty cute. She was pretty receptive. She was opening the library door. Told her to stop. We talked for a minute, telling her i see her around campus and stuff. I see her again in the library, she's working on a paper. Talk to her for another minute. Next time i see her, going for the digits.

#8 Was a thick blonde sorority girl wearing a white dress. She's across a street. I cross it stop her as she's walking toward my direct. She's pretty receptive. I comment on her dress telling her i noticed it and it strikes out. I asked her what hte big occassion was. She's like "Oh! Today i just wear it! Im not allowed to? :-)" I tell her, "Yep ur not :-p" haha. But then i tell her, "Its great it stands out, i wear clothes that stand out too sometimes. The polo im wearing, i go for the pastel colors. Hell...why don't i try the rainbow while im at it" She's laughing. She tells me she's too young to go out to the bars, only 20. I tell her that she's almost there, just two months. After another minute as i'm walking with her, and im going back to work. I actually try to number close her. I tell her, "It was great talking to you...give me your number and we can talk sometime :-)" She tells me, "Oh my bf wouldn't like that :-)" I tell her, "My gf wouldn't like that either..." then i try to get it from her again, but she says "Thats ok :-)" I tell her i'll see her around.

#9 Was a redheaded older woman. She had nice breasts. I stop her, tell her she's cute and want to meet her. She says her full name and i say my full name. She tells me she's a professor and about to teach a class as she's walking to her class. I tell her, "Wow...i didn't know that :-)" Man...i still drool now and then when i imagine the black top she had with those breasts :-)

By now im frustrated and i feel its a no win for day game. I feel that if i try to get the number from girls, even if their attracted, they def won't want to and if i give in and do facebook, they won't respond.

But this thread:

Got me thinking and now i feel better about how to go about it. I do what i want. Sometimes there's no need to go for the number in terms of the situation, but most of the time i do.

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