Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Methods of Game

Day Game:

2) Be Direct with Her:
Examples: Telling her how u find her lookswise, then qualifying her with saying that you want to meet her/get to know her/talk to her

3) Talk About Her and Relate

4) Get the Number/or Try To Go for insta-date if given opportunity

Night Game:
1) Open Group with whichever way i mentioned
2) Be Friendly
3) Give More Attention To Target Girl(Claw her in)
4) Flat out isolate her from group(Litereally leading/pulling her)
5) Have Fun. Enjoy talking to her.
6) Running the train a.k.a Making Out
7) Extract
8) Fclose

Single Girl
1) Open her anyway i want to, usually direct if really sexy
2) Be sexual with her
3) Have Fun. Enjoy talking with her
4) Running the train
5) Extract
6) Fclose

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